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Leanne Morgan Wikipedia: Her Family, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Age, and Facts

Leanne Morgan is an American stand-up comedian, comedy writer, and podcaster. Presently, she holds the distinction of being a 22-year comedy veteran.

She has performed at events such as the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and the Montreal Comedy Festival throughout her career. Currently, Morgan is even set to headline her first comedy tour, “Big Panty Tour.”

To commemorate her well-deserved success, we will chronicle the life and career of the “Mrs. Maisel of Appalachia,” Leanne Morgan. Here we go.

Leanne Morgan: Wikipedia, Biography

Leanne Morgan was born into a loving family, which formed the basis of her comedy career. In the rural Tennessee community that she calls home, everyone was a storyteller in one way or another. Hence, she naturally picked up on their charm and on-stage presence.

Leanne began small, performing in open-mic nights at local clubs. It was during one of these events that a man approached her to be the centerpiece of his club. From then on, she’d perform hour-long solo shows at the club, becoming somewhat of a local celebrity in the process.

When she moved to San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, her career went mainstream. She performed on-stage at the prestigious Las Vegas Comedy Festival. Leanne also traveled to Canada and performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival.

Subsequently, she appeared in the “Hilarious Housewives” segment on the ABC talk show, “The View.” Her appearance paved the way to appearances on “Dr. Phil” on CBS and several of Paula Deen’s shows like “Paula’s Party” and “Paula’s Best Dishes.”

During this time, Leanne also competed in the reality comedy competition “Funniest Mom” on the Nick at Nite programming block on Nickelodeon.

Despite her growing mainstream popularity, Morgan never forgot her roots and continued performing in venues, however small, all across the US. She also held engagements at performing arts centers, comedy clubs, and theatres. Aside from performing solo, Leanne has also performed with comedy troupes like the Southern Fried Chicks and Country Cool.

Furthermore, Leanne Morgan has a regular spot on SiriusXM radio and previously co-hosted the comedy radio show “Chewing the Fat,” with fellow comedian Reno Collier.

Leanne Morgan has starred in several comedy specials, including “So Yummy” on the streaming service VidAngel. A regular on Dry Bar Comedy, her videos on the comedy club’s streaming service has been viewed over 50 million times.

Moreover, Leanne Morgan hosts her own podcast called “Sweaty and Pissed…Menopause and More.” Her co-host is Karen Nickell, a nurse practitioner. The weekly podcast deals with the realities of post-menopause symptoms in women.

American stand-up comedian, Leanne Morgan
American stand-up comedian, comedy writer, and podcaster, Leanne Morgan

Comedy Tour

Leanne just surpassed her second decade in comedy and celebrated it by embarking on her first headlining comedy tour, the “Big Panty Tour.” The 100-city tour kicked off with her sold-out show at The Assembly of Woman’s Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 19, 2021.

The tour will take her through May of the following year with shows in historically prolific markets like Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; Pensacola, Florida; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Denver, Colorado; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Atlanta, Georgia. Several of her

How Old is Leanne Morgan? Her Birthday, Family, and Parents

Leanne Morgan celebrates her birthday every year on October 3. According to sources, she was born in the 1970s, although it is not certain when. Depending on which year she was born, Leanne Morgan is either in her late-40’s or early-50’s.

Morgan grew up in a close-knit family in a rural community of Tennessee where everybody knew everybody. She admits that her upbringing in a loving and supportive home made her into the person she is today, personally and professionally.

Leanne’s mother, Lucille, was and still is her biggest supporter. She nurtured Leanne’s love for performing at a young age and stood by her every step of the way.

Morgan’s first performance piece was in a talent show at the age of 10. Morgan studied at The University of Tennessee but dropped out at 21 when she married her college sweetheart. As it turned out, her husband was abusive, and she left him at 23 and re-enrolled at UT.

On her second stint at UT, Morgan met her second husband, whom she is still married today. She almost flunked but managed to graduate with a degree in Child and Family Studies. However, she could never shake the feeling that she was meant to do stand-up.

By the time she gave birth to her first child, she was the talk of her women’s jewelry parties, with her self-deprecating humor and fibs about breastfeeding, hemorrhoids, and everything under the Sun. One thing led to another, and she was suddenly performing hour-long solo comedy stints in front of hundreds of people.

Leanne Morgan Husband and Kids

Leanne Morgan’s current husband is Charlie “Chuck” Morgan. Chuck is in the mobile home refurbishing business. They briefly lived in Bean Station, Tennessee, but moved to San Antonio, Texas, when Chuck was offered a job.

Leanne and Chuck have three children together, a son and two daughters. She recently became a grandmother when her son gave birth to a son on December 10, 2020.

Leanne Morgan with her husband
American stand-up comedian Leanne Morgan with her husband, Charlie “Chuck” Morgan

In her early twenties, Leanne was married to her first husband, whom she met while attending UT. They married when Morgan was 21. Her first husband was verbally and physically abusive, so she served him divorce papers two years into their marriage when she was 23.

After she got out of the toxic relationship, she returned to UT, where she met her second and current husband.

Outside of comedy, there is nothing Leanne enjoys more than being a stay-at-home mom. Leanne puts the needs of her family first and foremost, before even comedy. However, now that her children are all grown, she has the time and incentive to pursue her comedy career.

Leanne Morgan Net Worth

According to some sites, Leanne Morgan’s net worth is $1 million as of July 2021. Morgan is a full-time comedian and makes all her wealth from her comedy career. Her income sources include earnings from her bookings, tours, public appearances, etc.

She will travel all over the country on the “Big Panty Tour.” Booking for specific venues is open, with tickets costing upwards of $39.75. Morgan is set to make bank with the national tour that will see her touring over a hundred cities, several of which are already sold out.

To support her tour, Leanne has several pieces of merchandise ready to ship out. Among the choices is her “Big Panty” line of tops. Based on the type of shirt, the price ranges from $25 to $45.

The shirts are available on her online store. Additionally, you can find them at her touring locations as well. Besides that, she also has other signature T-shirts with her catchphrases “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and “I’m Too Fun to Clean.”

While she is currently in the thick of her national tour, she is otherwise managed by Caravan Management and accepts bookings for private and public events.

Social Media Activities

Leanne Morgan has cultivated a dedicated following on social media. Her fans are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans of any comic. Reliably funny in her comedy and highly relatable in her personal life, Leanne receives hundreds of appreciation notes on social media.

She is most famous on Facebook, boasting an impressive 1.3 million followers. Besides videos from her comedy specials, Leanne also posts cooking videos, which helped garner her an impressive following. Furthermore, she has 170k followers on Instagram and nearly 7.2k followers on Twitter.

Leanne also has an official YouTube channel where she posts snippets of her comedy routines. She currently has 81.6k subscribers, and her most successful videos have been viewed millions of times.

American stand-up comedian, Leanne Morgan