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Lewis Howes Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Height. Wife and Love life

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To some, college is not necessary. But it can surely help people further their careers, so parents see it as essential for their children. However, this celebrity left college earlier than most kids to become a football player and fortunately succeeded briefly.

Fans know him as an athlete and for his book series and features in magazines (Men’s Health). This is Lewis Howes, more details on the former football athlete’s age, net worth, height, and love life. Does he have a wife? Find out.

How tall is Lewis Howes?

The former football player stands at the height of 6 feet 4 inches or 1.93 meters tall. Other notable celebrities as tall include Pat Watkins, Montravius Adams, & Hakeem Adeniji.

Lewis Howes’ Age

The School of Greatness author was born in the buckeye state of Ohio on March 16, 1983. He was born in the small city of Delaware and is 38 years old as of early 2022.


Lewis’s life was anything but easy as the young boy lacked attention as the family lived by little means.

The young boy’s parents raised him as the youngest of four siblings in Delaware, Ohio. His parents majored in the arts, specifically in an opera theatre. Unfortunately, that dream would not be fulfilled.

Lewis’ parents decided to start a family at 19, and it grew to four children. This resulted in his father taking odd jobs such as becoming a bricklayer to sustain the family. Furthermore, authorities put his older brother behind bars for selling drugs to an undercover police officer.

His school also put Lewis in special education classes due to his decreased reading skills. And even then, he still couldn’t keep up with his peers.

Podcast host, author, athlete, Lewis Howes
Podcast host, author, and athlete, Lewis Howes

Lewis often stuttered or mumbled whenever teachers made him read. His classmates often made fun of him for his reading. The teenager developed stage fright and had no public speaking skills due to the bullying.

However, Lewis did well in sports despite not doing well at school. He decided football would be his life and did arena league football in Huntsville, Alabama, for $250 a week. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when he broke his wrist in 2007 and ended up poor and sleeping on his sister’s couch. Lewis was depressed but eventually decided to pursue a career in handball after watching the Beijing Olympics handball event.

He used the time to save up and invest in himself by improving his reading skills and confidence. He discovered LinkedIn through a mentor and used the platform to create a group connected with sports executives. LinkedIn became a source of income for him, with many paying him to speak on webinars and teach others. Thus began his career as a public speaker, earned millions, and moved to New York to become a handballer.

Lewis Howes would then represent the United States in the Olympics and sell his company two years later to start his podcast. His podcast is aimed at helping others earn through their passion and what they love.

Lewis Howes Net Worth

Lewis authored several books and generated income from the royalty fees of the books. He has a podcast which fans or interested readers may subscribe to on Pandora and Spotify, to name a few. Social Blade estimates his YouTube channel generates $1,500 to $23,300 monthly or $17,400 to $279,100 annually.

The motivational speaker and the former athlete is now worth $10 million.

Lewis Howes networth and income sources
Lewis Howes has a net worth of $10 million

Is Lewis Howes Married to his wife?

Lewis is determined and successful despite his lack of academic skills. And because he was also courageous, this made him an ideal partner. But surprising as it may seem, the podcast host is single and not involved with anyone.

However, he dated “the world’s hottest weather girl” Yanet Garcia in 2019. He had just gotten out of a 7-year relationship when they met, and Lewis wasn’t even looking for a partner.

Lewis’ former girlfriend moved to the US and lived with Lewis in December 2019. On January 17, 2020, they celebrated their first anniversary and commemorated the event in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Lewis Howes smiling with his ex-girlfriend, Yanet Garcia
Lewis Howes smiling with his ex-girlfriend, Yanet Garcia

Lewis’ former wife-to-be, Yanet, was a weather girl for Hoy and starred in the 2019 comedy film Bellezonismo. She also has a YouTube channel with more than 677K subscribers. Unfortunately, their seemingly strong bond didn’t last as Yanet’s venture into OnlyFans made Lewis uncomfortable.

Yanet made it clear that she would never post any nude photos, despite fans asking her to. Lewis & Yanet ended things privately. His ex is now reportedly dating American-born Russian internet celebrity Doctor Mike Varshavski.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lewis Howes
DOB March 16, 1983
Profession Podcast host, author, athlete
Age (2022) 38
Place of Birth Delaware, OH, USA
Relationship Status Single
Spouse/Girlfriend None
Children None
Net worth (early 2022) $10 million
Lewis Howes Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Wife and Love life