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Liam Costner Age, Net Worth, Career, Wiki of Kevin Costner’s Son

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Liam Costner is a famed American celebrity, mostly known for being born in the Costner family. He is the son of Kevin Costner, a two-time winner of Academy Awards, and an Oscar as well.

Liam is not active in Hollywood like his parents, and he is not making big names for himself any other way. This quiet and secretive lifestyle is seductive to his fans, who always look after mysteries waiting to be discovered. Adding to this is the lack of Liam’s online presence. He does not use Instagram or Twitter.

In this article, we talk about the mysterious son of Kevin Costner, Liam Costner. Further, this piece will provide insights on his age, net worth, career, and wiki information.

Kevin Costner’s Son, Liam Costner Wiki

The expectations among his fans come directly from his father’s successful life. Liam’s father, Kevin, started his career in the movie industry in the late 1970s. Although all of the movies he played in did not succeed, his initial works for Field of Dreams, Sizzle Beach, and Dances with Wolves gained massive popularity.

Kevin had a different charm to his presence. The flow with which he played the role of characters is deemed unrivaled by many in the industry. Kevin shared a moment with his sons in an Instagram post.

Kevin Costner shared a moment with his sons

On the polar opposite, Liam was never interested in acting or a career in the movie industry. He avoids the spotlight, seeking a peaceful life away from the media. Maybe his relationship with his biological father has something to do with it.

When Liam was born, his father refused to accept him as his son. Only after they performed his genetic test Kevin had to accept the facts. Life was hard for the family till the point of his parent’s separation. Once his mother married the billionaire Bill, Liam’s life was significantly better.

Liam Costner Age

He was born in November of 1996. So, he has just turned 25 years old in 2022.

Net Worth

Liam’s has an estimated net worth of $800 million. He was born into a rich family, so most of his wealth comes from inheritance. Despite being a young person with no career in the movie industry, he inherits $250 million that his father earned through his career in the said industry. He also has gained popularity being the son of Kevin Costner.

Son of Kevin Costner, Liam Costner
Liam Costner, son of Kevin Costner

In a way, his mother’s divorce with Kevin has turned out to be in his favor in the long run. Liam’s stepfather Bill has an investment in Kotch Industry which is valued at $800 million at the current time. Liam is expected to receive this portion of the shares from his step-father. This increases his net worth by a large margin.

Liam Costner keeps his personal life and financial details away from the public’s attention. On actual evaluation, his wealth could go as high as the billion-dollar mark. But currently, his net worth is estimated on the basis of modest calculations. He also makes a decent earning from his current career in the real estate business.

Liam Costner Wiki

Full Name Liam Timothy Costner
Date of Birth November 15, 1996
Profession Real Estate Agent
Nationality American
Age (2022) 25 years old
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight 63 kg
Net Worth $800 million
Kevin Costner Son Liam Costner Networth Wiki, Networth