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Liberte Chan Age & Wikipedia: Her Net Worth, Parents, Husband, Height and Facts 

Perhaps one of the polarizing young journalists as of late has to be Liberte Chan. News watchers are constantly introduced with new anchors now and then, and Liberte has undoubtedly made a mark for herself. The pretty journalist gained fame ever since appearing on prominent news channels like NBC, CBS, Fox, and KTLA.

Does she have a husband?

As a journalist, Liberte precisely does weather forecasting and is a meteorologist as well. During leisure time, Liberte often writes articles on her blog.

This article is all about Liberte Chan’s Wikipedia-type biography to explore several key facts like age, net worth, and height.

How Old is Liberte Chan? Her Height and Measurements

Liberte Chan, the prominent reporter of KTLA, celebrates her birthday on July 16 of every year. Since Liberte’s birth year is 1979, we can say that Liberte is 42 years old as of 2021.

Though the 42-year-old reporter has been gifted with a beautiful face and body structure, she has an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Similarly, Liberte weighs about 56 kg, which is 123lbs. Some reports also claim that Liberte has a shoe size of six.

Through Liberte’s social media posts, it seems that Liberte is a fitness enthusiast, which is why she maintains such a good figure.

Image of Meteorologist Liberte Chan
LA Unscripted contributor on KTLA Channel 5, Liberte Chan.

Liberte Chan Net Worth

Numerous reports estimate that the KTLA’s weathercaster and meteorologist have made a net worth of $3 million as of 2021. Furthermore, Liberte signed a contract with KTLA with a stated salary of $91K.

Meet Liberte Chan, Father, and Family. Her Parents and Early Life

Born in Los Angeles, California, Liberte is a native American born to a family of multi-racial. Liberte calls Tom Thornbury her father and Angie Thornbury, her mother. Similarly, Liberte’s mother belonged to the Chinese ethnicity. However, Liberte’s mother is no more as she passed away after an elongated fight with an unfortunate pancreatic cancer in 2020.


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Nevertheless, Liberte’s father, Tom, was a Caucasian and is still a living archeologist. Liberte also follows Christian vows like her father. During childhood, Liberte grew up with two brothers, namely Randy and Cory.

Liberte attended Marlborough School and obtained a degree in journalism from Massachusetts University. Similarly, Liberte did short certified courses in broadcast journalism and meteorology from the University of California and Mississippi State University, respectively.

Some sources claim that Liberte further did a Master’s course in MPH and Communication Track from the University of Southern California in 2005.

Liberte Chan is Currently Married to Luis Strohmeier

Congratulations came knocking on the doors when Liberte announced her engagement with Luis Strohmeier in October 2020. For Liberte, she went through countless incompatible relationships to finally settle in with the right man in the name of Luis Strohmeier.

On the other hand, Luis Strohmeier was also a married man but his wife, Gretchen Strohmeier, died of breast cancer. Luis is also the father of three children Alicia Kristina Strohmeier, Alex Strohmeier, Andrew Michaels Strohmeier, which means Liberte is their stepmother.

Liberte Chan with her husband Luis Strohmeier
LA Unscripted contributor on KTLA Channel 5, Liberte Chan with her husband Luis Strohmeier.

Luis Strohmeier is Octavia Wealth Advisors’ experienced wealth advisor at the Los Angeles branch. Previously, Luis was a lead partner for more than three decades at Midwest Financial Partners.


Liberte’s engagement day has to be one of the most romantic moments anyone would envy. It was on October 5, 2020, that Liberte announced her engagement to Luis. Moreover, the setting for their engagement took place at Luis’s private jet, where he got down to his knees and asked for Liberte’s hand.

Moreover, Liberte flaunted with the diamond engagement ring that Luis gifted her. We could also see Luis tying a diamond bracelet on Liberte’s wrist.


Five months after announcing their engagement, Liberte and Luis got down to calling for their wedding bells. One could tell how nervous Liberte was the day before marriage as she rehearsed for the wedding by wearing a white wedding gown. But for the actual wedding day on April 15, 2021, Liberte wore a sparkling Burgandy dress while Luis wore a polished two-piece suit.

Liberte Chan Previous Marriage and Relationships

In Liberte’s words, she has been with men who either dominated her or left her heartbroken. Liberte felt like she was a square trying to fit inside a circular box until she realized she could not force love.

Previously, the KTLA weathercaster walked down the aisle with a renowned American actor, Brian Chase, in 2012. However, Liberte’s marriage did not last long enough as they parted paths without telling the reason.

After Brian, Liberte began a new relationship with an American fitness trainer, Brett Hoebel. Some may also recognize Brett due to his presence in NBC’s The Biggest Loser: Couples 4. Clearly, her relationship with Brett did not last either.

But Luis Strohmeier was a different man, and Liberte found a true soul mate in him.

What Happened to Liberte Chan? The Reason Behind Leaving KTLA

Liberte Chan has been one swell reporter throughout her life. While she has worked for numerous news channels, one news station that Liberte will forever be known for is the KTLA. In 2003, Liberte began her career with the KTLA as a full-time News Writer for three years.

During Liberte’s time in KTLA, she could work with reporters like Harold Hal Fisher. But Liberte once left KTLA-5 to work as a general assignment for KCOY-TV, now KKFX-TV, a former CBS network now taken over by Fox network.

Impressed by NBC, Liberte got the offer to work for the network’s affiliate station KMIR as a weekday morning news anchor. But in 2010, Liberte again returned to KTLA-5 Network. But this time, Liberte worked as a weather forecaster and weather woman for KTLA News.

However, in February 2021, Liberte decided to leave KTLA News and join LA Unscripted that airs on the KTLA network. So, Liberte is not entirely rejecting the KTLA network. As Liberte’s fellow broadcasters bid her farewell, Liberte revealed that the reason for leaving the news is because she wants to work less and pay attention to her health more. At LA Unscripted, Liberte will be working part-time for five days a week.

As of now, Liberte does blogging and follows healthy habits by mainly doing yoga and gym workouts. Liberte also recently launched her clothing business titled Sweat with Soul.

LA Unscripted contributor on KTLA Channel 5, Liberte Chan