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Lil Tjay Net Worth, Real Name, and Family.

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Lil Tjay is a young and skillful American rapper, singer, and songwriter. This young Hip Hop artist hails from the South Bronx, New York. Over the years, Tjay has been propelled into the limelight thanks to his collaborations with the likes of Polo G, particularly on the track “Pop Out”. Read this to know Lil Tjay’s Net Worth.

The song in question was so popular that it took 11th position on the Billboard Hot 100. He now performs at various music festivals: Miami festival, Los Angeles festival, just to name a few. Other than Pop Out, Lil Tjay has also released popular tracks such as ‘Resume’, ‘Brothers’, and Leaked.’

Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay Real Name.

Tione Jayden Merritt was born on the 30th of April, 2001. Professionally, he is referred to as Lil Tjay. Being a New York native, we can surmise that he is an American citizen.

Lil Tjay’s music career can be traced back to 2017 when he was still 16. At the time, Tione was releasing music on SoundCloud; these include the aforementioned singles, Resume, and Brothers.

The resume came with a homemade video, and in spite of its modest production value, the track became popular fast. Lil Tjay’s debut studio album, True 2 Myself, dropped in 2019, and gradually peaking at number 5 on the US Billboard 200. Tione often speaks about his first trip to a studio, when he covered songs by famous musicians like Usher and Michael Jackson.

]Within the first ten months of Lil Tjay’s music career, he had one million total plays on his SoundCloud account. The latter part of 2018 also marked a significant phase in Lil Tjay’s career, as he released his debut EP, No Comparison.

In 2019, Lil Tjay featured in Polo G’s single, “Pop Out”. As we speak, the track has 230 million views on YouTube. In 2020, Lil Tjay reached the Billboard Hot 100 again with his single “20/20”.

The popularity he has amassed in this short amount of time paved the way for him to perform with great artists and produce music singles. In July 2020, Lil Tjay then featured on Pop Smoke’s debut posthumous album; it gained significant success and accolades.

Net Worth and Income.

As of 2021, Lil Tjay’s net worth rests at $6 Million. This can be directly attributed to his rapidly growing popularity in the music industry. Currently, Tione is listed as one of the youngest influential rappers in the U.S.

Having sold hundreds of thousands of albums, it’s no surprise rapper Lil Tjay has so much in his bank account. Also, like every other hip-hop artist, Tjay also has performed in many concerts, endorsed many fashion brands, which all means one thing, more money for the rapper.

Social Media activity.

Lil Tjay has 2.53 million subscribers on his YouTube account and approximately 900+ million views. Along with this, he has 4.6 million followers on Instagram and 354.4k followers on Twitter.

Facts about Lil Tjay.

Lil Tjay net worth
Lil Tjay
  1. He got involved in robberies and fights, which led to a two-month sentence in juvie, and another three months by the time he was in middle school. Additionally, Tione was sent to a Youth Detention Center in 2016.
  2. Due to his trouble with the law, Tione had to drop out of school, which meant that he did not go attend college.
  3. While he was at the Detention center, Lil Tjaywrote several songs. He’d later attend the Bronx Dance Academy in New York.
  4. Tione once revealed that growing up, he was inspired by the likes of Drake, Meek Mill, and also by Usher.
  5. Before he found success, Tione had to live with two of his siblings in an apartment located in the
  6. Tionealso revealed that dating isn’t something that interests him at the moment. He did however add that his ideal girlfriend would have to be someone removed from the limelight, maybe even from his neighborhood.