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Madison Bailey Sexuality, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height

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Coming out of the closet takes a lot of courage. People are often scared to get criticized and judged, but not Madison Bailey. This rising actress is not just talented, but she is as real as she can get. Bailey is not afraid to show people who she really is. She also makes sure to let the world know how much she accepts her true self.

Do you want to know why? Continue reading this article to find out.

Madison Bailey Gay? Rumors about her sexuality

Outer Banks is a teen drama series by Netflix. The fans of the show have been curious about Madison Bailey’s sexuality. With her looks, people cannot help but get captivated by her. Madison Bailey plays Kiara Carrera in Outer Banks.

Just last May 2020, Outer Banks actress Madison Bailey identified as pansexual. Through Tiktok, Bailey officially came out as pansexual. In the video, Bailey included the caption,

Nobody knows what pansexual means. Girls, boys, trans boys, trans girls, nonbinary babies. It’s what’s on the inside boo”.

Fans were able to get an idea of Bailey’s sexuality when she posted on Instagram in September 2019. Bailey said,

Easily distracted by all genders” in her Instagram post.

After Madison opened up about it to E! News, she started being open to talking about her life outside of Outer Banks. Madison said that being honest makes her feel good. According to her, everyone has been so accepting of her sexuality. On June 17, Bailey went live on Lacy Hartselle’s Q&A on Mental health. The actress went on ahead to say,

“I have very accepting friends, a very accepting family, an industry that’s very welcoming and very accepting,”.

In the interview, Bailey said that she felt no shame when she came out. She expressed that nobody judged her for coming out.

Madison Bailey plays Kiara Carrera in Outer Banks
Madison Bailey plays Kiara Carrera in Outer Banks.

Madison also told her fans to be open about their sexuality, saying:

“If you’re gay, tell everybody that you’re gay. It’s worth it”.

Furthermore, the actress went on to say that she does not believe in straight people.

“I was saying this the other day. I was like, to be honest, I don’t believe in straight people. They’re as real as unicorns to me”.

Although people quickly got inspired by Bailey, some did not quite like her comments on straight people.

Some also shared their sentiments, saying that Madison does not understand how pansexual works. Because of this, debates sparked on Twitter, with some people defending Bailey while others expressed their disappointment.

Is Madison Bailey dating a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Fans are also curious whether or not Madison Bailey is single. The American actress is currently dating Mariah Linney.

Mariah Linney is a UNC-Charlotte Basketball player hailing from Goose Creek, South Carolina. She is a sociology major at the University of North Carolina. Aside from being an athlete, Linney is also a Tiktok star with over 960k followers.

The two officially announced their relationship via the TikTok app. On Bailey’s Tiktok, she includes her now girlfriend, Mariah Linney. Bailey And Linney met through Tiktok. Mariah posted a duet of Madison’s video with the caption,

“just me staring at Madison Bailey.

Madison Bailey with her girlfriend, Mariah Linney
Madison Bailey with her girlfriend, Mariah Linney

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Madison shared how she and Mariah went on their first date.

“I was staying in a hotel in Charleston and was like, ‘Just come hang out.” the actress said, “We can chat, chill’.

The two lovebirds are not afraid to show how much they adore each other on their respective social media. Fans are in awe whenever Madison and Mariah post about each other on Instagram and even on Tiktok.

Reports say that Madison Bailey may have had her share of romances before. However, Mariah Linney is the first person Bailey introduced publicly.


Bailey is said to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall. In addition, her weight is about 58 kg.

Net Worth

Madison’s net worth estimate is $500,000. Considering the popularity of the show Outer Banks and an upcoming new season, Bailey’s net worth may still increase.

Age and DOB

Madison Bailey is 22 years of age. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. After Bailey got adopted by her foster parents, they moved to North Carolina, specifically in Kernersville. She was born on January 29, 1999.

Moreover, Madison has three older brothers and three older sisters, making her the youngest of the bunch.

Madison Bailey with her family
Madison Bailey with her family

Madison continues to inspire her fans as she shares her coming-out story even more. She is, without a doubt, worthy of all the love and success she is receiving.

Moreover, fans express their excitement as Outer Banks is set to release a new season. This talented young actress is off to great heights with her talent, determination, and proud heart.

Madison Bailey sexuality, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, net worth