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Marlona Buchanan(Tanner Buchanan Mother) Net Worth and Wiki-Bio

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Being known through your child is something that would make a parent’s heart full of pride. One such proud mother is Marlona Buchanan, known to the world via her son, Tanner Buchanan’s successful acting career.

Now, let’s explore the biography of Marlona along with her net worth.

Who are Tanner Buchanan’s Parents?

The famous American actor Tanner Buchanan was born to parents; Marlona Buchanan (mother) and Steve Buchanan (father). The pair became parents to Tanner on December 8 in the year 1998. Marlona and Steve are immensely proud of their son as he has been upholding the family name from an early age.

Tanner’s father, Steve, is a businessman, while his mother, Marlona, is a homemaker. Apart from that, not much about the celebrity parents are known. So, despite being the parents of a famous personality, we assume that the pair likes to maintain a private life. Furthermore, in addition to Tanner, the couple also has a younger daughter named Marrae.

Marlona Buchanan Love Life and Relationships

The celebrity mother, Mrs. Buchanan, is married to her beloved husband, Steve Buchanan. Though we have no information regarding their wedding date, we are pretty confident that the pair have been married for more than two decades now. Both Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan have a healthy relationship, and their love and affection are perfectly reflected in their children.

Marlona Buchanan Son, Tanner Buchanan

Marlena’s son Tanner, is a 22-year-old actor popularly known for being Robby Keene on the Netflix series Cobra Kai. He began acting at a very young age of 12 and has been shining in the American entertainment world ever since.

As Tanner was seen interested in acting, his parents supported him throughout the journey. Marlona, his mother, even took him to Los Angeles in order to explore his talent. And that is when Tanner got his very first role in a commercial. As of now, Tanner is one of the highly demanded American actors. His notable roles can be seen in Designated Survivor, Fuller House, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more.


Marlona Buchanan Son, Tanner Buchanan
Marlona Buchanan Son, Tanner Buchanan

Marlona Buchanan Net Worth and Income

Like being said earlier, Marlona has maintained a very private life, and we are not sure about how much she earns. Also, as there is no information on her profession, making guesses about her income and net worth is tricky.

Nonetheless, reports claim that her son Tanner earns a pretty good sum and has a net worth of approximately $1 million $5million. Tanner’s primary source of revenue comes from being a successful actor and media personality. So, we must say that he and his family have been living a fulfilling life as of now.

Tanner Buchanan, son of Marlona Buchanan