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Mary Lee Harvey: Steve Harvy’s Ex-Wife Jailed for a Year.

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Mary Lee Harvey is a 59 years old American make-up artist and author. She is famous for being the second ex-wife to Steve Harvey, a public figure comedian, author, and TV star. During her battle with Steve, Mary became known in the process of getting divorced and custody over their child.  In this article about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey, we will look at her biography and get some facts about her. We will also explain why she seems to be bitter in most of her public talks.

Life as Steve Harvey’s Wife.

Mary and Steve had an interesting first encounter in 1989 in a comedy event Arlington, Texas. The two fell in love at first sight. Steve was still a married man by then. In 1995, they stared dating merely a year after Steve had divorced his first wife, whom he left pregnant.

Steve and ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey got married on 21 June 1996. Mary and Steve seemed quite a compatible pair as they were a regular couple in many events and had several red carpet poses. All was rosy until 2005 when the two made the radical decision of divorcing each other.

The nine-year marriage that brought up one child was terminated in November 2005. Steve got married again in 2007, to a woman who made him a great man, while for Mary, it is unclear if she ever got married.

Steve Harvey’s divorce with ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey.

The main factor that caused the two to divorce was never made public. However, it was highly speculated that it was due to infidelity.  Having met Steve when he was freshly divorced, seven years later, another woman also came around and replaced her.

Mary accused Steve of having an affair with Marjoe, his current wife. Having read the signs and seen that the odds were not in her favor, Mary decided to fight back by leaked clips showing how Steve abused her physically and psychologically.

Seeing this as a potential threat to his hard built reputation, Steve took his wife to court, but she was released for lack of sufficient evidence. A small win for her, but a significant loss since Steve divorced her after that.

Image of Mary Lee Harvey with her ex-husband Steve Harvey
Caption: Mary Lee Harvey with her ex-husband Steve Harvey

365 Days Imprisonment.

The court ruling on the divorce clearly indicated that neither of the two, including Steve and Mary, should talk about it in public. Mary felt like she was the victim of the circumstances and defied this order. This got her to be arrested and charged. And she was imprisoned for one year. Still, after being released, she kept throwing tantrums, saying that the USA is a democratic state and all have freedom of speech.

The tussle over their child.

Mary and Steve had one child, a son named Wynton Harvey, born on 18 July 1997. He is currently 22 years. The custody of this child was a real born of contestation between the two after their divorce. Steve blamed his former wife of child neglect and took this matter to court.

He won the full custody of the boy in 2011. However, Mary Lee Harvey accused him of using his influence to get the ruling that was in his favor. She felt victimized and only waited for his son to be of the age of making his own decisions.

Image of Mary Lee Harvey son Wynton Harvey
Caption: Mary Lee Harvey son Wynton Harvey

Activism and Campaigns.

After going through a distressful divorce that saw her lose the most important thing in her life, her family, Mary decided to be the voice for other women in the society who have gone through the same traumatizing experiences. Approaching it from a feminist perspective, Mary has resolved to fight this battle, and she knows when will win, maybe not for herself but someone else.

Net Worth.

For four consecutive years, Mary received 40,000 dollars monthly payment as divorce settlements. Mary Lee Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be 500,000 USD. Her job as a make-up artist earns her a good salary that has contributed to her net worth.

She was also given three homes after the separation. However, Mary still wants more, and she claimed that she is supposed to have half Steve’s wealth and accuses his current wife of identity theft and forgery that she used to take what she had worked for.

This battle for Steve’s wealth is far from over. In 2016, the last time Mary made a public appearance for the same, she went to court demanding 60 million as her share. And once again, she recorded yet another failure against his ex-husband.

Image of Make-up artist, Mary Lee Harvey net worth
Caption: Make-up artist, Mary Lee Harvey net worth

Social Media.

Mary is not on the internet as every other famous person in modern days. She does not have both Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her Facebook page barely has 63 friends, but she has shared some interesting facts about her. According to the description, she is from Delhi, Louisiana. She studied in Delhi High School. Currently, she is staying in Piano, Texas, and her relationship status is single. Apart from the above, she has shared a few posts that can barely hold water in trying to know what she is up to.

Rumors of Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey Remarrying.

Mary adopted a second last name, Vaughn. And this caused people to speculate of her being married again by an unknown person with that other name. She has succeeded in keeping many personal details about her, which can apply to this scenario.

Age and Date of Birth.

Mary Lee Harvey was born on on20th October 1960. Her original name is Mary Lee Shackleford. There are no fine details about her parents, siblings, or place of birth. She is currently 59 years old, looking forward to hitting 60 later this year. She belongs to African-American ethnicity, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Full name Mary Lee Shackleford
Age 59 Years
Date of Birth 20 October 1960
Place of Birth N/A
Profession Make-Up Artist
Net worth $ 500,000
Spouse Steve Harvey (Ex-Husband)
Kids Wynton Harvey
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents N/A