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Matt Ryan’s Wife Sarah Marshall: Is Matt Ryan married To Arthur Blank Grand Daughter?

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Love knows no boundary; it always comes naturally in various forms. Each individual has their own story of love that they keep like a gem inside their memories. While this may be true, the love story of Matt Ryan and Sarah Marshall is also one of the million stories that amaze the public. One can say that their story is proof that love genuinely moves mountains.

Matt Ryan is famous in his field of sports, especially knowing that his records were undoubtedly impressive. However, he became even more known when he fell in love with the rumored granddaughter of the renowned businessman, Arthur Blank. Do you want to know how their sweetest love story started? Then get yourself ready, as this will surely give you butterflies.

Matt Ryan and his wife Sarah Marshall Love life

Both Matt and Sarah are well-known for their chosen sports. Way back then, Sarah was a high school basketball legend. She never failed to include her name in the Main basketball record books. Meanwhile, Matt is the Atlanta Falcons captain, and as his new lover, he is also a star athlete.

Despite the different sports they play, it never hurdles cupid’s arrow to hit their dormant hearts.

Matt Ryan with his Wife, Sarah Marshall
Matt Ryan and his wife, Sarah Marshall

The duo met their fate at Boston College, specifically at the weight room. During that time, both of them are some of the best players in their chosen field. When their eyes met for the first time, it was already the beginning of their once upon a time love story, which they unconsciously knew. All the universe conspires to help them create a happily ever after together.

In April 2011, they got married. Indeed, it was the time where they proved to themselves that they were a match made in heaven. Sarah proudly posted their picture together and captioned,

“Together since 18, married since 25. I have loved growing up by your side!”

If there’s one thing we can use to describe their cloud nine moments, it would be “God’s written love story.”

Sarah Marshall is Arthur Blank’s Grand Daughter

Sarah Marshall is a 36 years old woman and married to Matt Ryan. Before she settled down, Sarah was well-raised by her parents, John Marshall and Susie Marshall. They lived in Atlanta, Georgia, with her three sisters, Abby, Anna, and Maggie. There are a lot of speculations about her family background, stating that she was the granddaughter of the renowned businessman Arthur Blank. However, this rumored issue is still unclear up until now.

Who is Matt Ryan’s wife, Sarah Marshall?

Sarah is a legendary basketball player way back in her high school days. Like any other famous athlete, she marked many achievements in the history of Maine basketball. Sarah’s junior high school years made her even more known when she earned Maine’s Female Athlete of the Year. In college, Sarah majored in communications at Boston College along with her sport.

Image of legendary basketball player, Sarah Marshall
Legendary basketball player Sarah Marshall

Currently, she works at Atlanta Dream (WNBA) as a sponsorship sales consultant. Aside from her successful profession, Sarah is also a mother to 2 children, Johnny Matthew Ryan and Marshall Thomas Ryan. Of course, she is a loving wife to her husband, Matt Ryan. Living with her loved ones and having a stable job is more than enough to be called successful. After all, our success is measured differently.

Matt Ryan's Wife Sarah Marshall