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Matthew Lillard’s Net Worth. Wife Heather Helm and Kids

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In his 51 years of living, Matthew Lillard has accumulated over 50 films and television shows under his name. He has been an actor, comedian, director, and producer in his career, which couldn’t get any more successful.

Now, has Matthew Lillard’s career journey finally caught up to his age? Let’s find out. Also, learn about his wife, Heather Helm, and their kids here.

Who is Matthew Lillard?

Who exactly is Matthew Lillard? Matthew has been around the entertainment industry for quite a while, making names as an actor, comedian, and director of films and television shows.

Matthew first started in the industry at a very young age, specifically during his teenage years in high school. After he graduated, he was part of a short-lived television show called SK8-TV.

After his short stint with the television show, he was recruited to be part of the extra cast of Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Goes to College. However, from 1994 to 1996, it was time that Matthew Lillard’s career started to grow.

In that span of 3 years, Matthew was part of 9 films. That’s nine appearances as minor and principal roles in shows like Serial Mom, Animal Room, Hackers, Scream, and many more.

Moreover, Matthew’s career as an actor in the following years did not stop. He got consistent roles over and over again for a variety of films such as the predecessor of Netflix’s She’s All That, Scream 2, Senseless, Telling You, and a whole lot more movies.

But come 2002, Matthew had the role that would make him known throughout the industry. The crew picked him to replace Casey Kasem, the voice of our Shaggy Rogers in the Scooby-Doo! Franchise.

He played the character in the live-acting film series Scooby-Doo! & Scooby-Doo 2! Monsters Unleashed. He continued to play Shaggy as a voice actor in the following animated shows like Scooby-Doo! Abrakadabra-doo.

Up until now, Matthew is still the voice of Shaggy, noting that he’s the 2nd actor that can voice the character perfectly.

Matthew Lillard’s Marriage with Heather Helm.

Matthew Lillard couldn’t do everything alone; he had the support of his wife, Heather Helm.

Matthew and his spouse Heather had been married for almost 21 years now. They tied the know back on August 12, 2000, after a meeting at a party and built a relationship from there.

Matthew Lillar with his wife, Heather Helm
Matthew Lillar and his wife, Heather Helm

What’s better is that even after 21 years of being together, the couple still shows signs of being in love and staying happy.

To make things happier in their lives, Matthew and his wife Heather are the parents of their three children. They welcomed their first child, Addison, in 2002, and in 2004 came Macey, and lastly, Liam was born in 2008.

Matthew and Heather’s life right now is not short of happiness and love, especially with their three children.

Who is Matthew Lillard’s wife, Heather Helm?

We’ve been talking about Matthew for a while now; let’s also talk about Heather’s experience and background.

On July 17, 1971 (50 years old), her parents brought up Heather in California. She attended La Canada High School for two years, from 1987 to 1989, for her primary and secondary education.

Soon after she graduated high school, Heather entered UCLA with a degree in English literature which she graduated from in 1993.

As for Heather’s career, she is as successful as her husband. She’s been a successful realtor up to this date, being a director of Compass and involved in other real estate companies.

Before that, Heather was on the other side of the fence; as a Marketing Director in Walt Disney. That was until she shifted to her new job, a realtor, as she moved to Pasadena to live with Matthew.

Their Kids

And now? Well, Heather is living a happy and comfortable life as a successful realtor and a loving mother to her three children: two sons, Addison Grace Lillard and Liam Lillard, and a daughter, Liam Lillard.

Matthew Lillard with his wife and children
Matthew Lillard with his wife, Heather Helm, and children

Matthew Lillard Net Worth

You already know Matthew Lillard and his wife, Heather Helm; you’d probably also know that they are both successful in their fields as an actor and realtor, respectively.

Matthew Lillard’s appearances in both films and television have garnered him a net worth of around $2,000,000.00, while Heather’s is approximately $600,000.00


It’s already evident that Matthew had a successful run in his life as an actor, comedian, and producer for various films, and not to mention, a father of three children. Regardless of age, fans are still keen to see more of the actor on screen.

Matthew Lillard's net worth, Wife Heather Helm and Kids