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Michelle Moyer [Dennis Rodman’s third Wife] Wiki Bio and Facts.

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Michelle Moyer is Dennis Rodman’s Last wife among three. Dennis Keith Rodman is a former NBA star turned television personality. His playing abilities led to announcers and fans alike giving him the nickname ‘worm.’

The retired athlete applied his trade at teams like Chicago Bulls, Spurs, and the Detroit Pistons. Later on, Dennis transitioned into an author with the release of the book ‘Bad as I Wanna Be.’

His body of work in film includes Double Team and Under Cover Brother. Switching focus to his ex-wife, we want to take a look at Michelle Moyer. Know more about Dennis Rodman’s second wife right here.

Who is Michelle Moyer?

Michelle Moyer is a former American WAG. Her claim to fame was her relationship with former basketball player, Dennis Rodman. She was his third wife at the time.

Like all the other NBA WAGs, Michelle attended multiple sporting events. Besides this, she was the designated home carer. It meant that she made sure that everything ran smoothly back at home as well as raising her kids.

Image of Former WAG, Michelle Moyer
Caption: Former WAG, Michelle Moyer

Michelle Moyer’s Age.

The former Wag was born back in 1963 in America. We could not pinpoint the exact month she was born. However, at the point of writing, she is 57-years old.

Michelle Moyer’s Net worth.

She does not have much going in regards to career prospects. While she was in a relationship with Dennis Rodman, she received child support every month.

In fact, by the time they split up, it was reported that the former basketball player owed her more than $ 860,000 in child support. Michelle Moyer’s net worth at the moment remains under review.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is valued at $ 500,000. Besides paying child support, Dennis was also ordered to pay her a one-time payment.

Image of Michelle Moyer husband Dennis net worth
Caption: Michelle Moyer husband Dennis net worth

Her Marriage to Dennis Rodman.

Michelle met Dennis back in 1999, at the height of his basketball playing days. She fell for him almost immediately, and the two went on to date for several years.

Dennis was still reeling from his divorce from model Carmen Elektra. She helped him mend his broken heart. A year after they started dating, their first child was born.

Dennis Jr. is 20 years old at the moment. His sister Trinity followed another year after him. She is just 19. Their parents walked down the aisle two years after her birth.

Image of Michelle Moyer with her husband Dennis Rodman along with thier kids
Caption: Michelle Moyer with her husband Dennis Rodman along with their kids

Dennis Roadman and ex-wife Michelle Moyer’s wedding took place on the 13th of May 2003. The occasion was made even more special owing to the fact that it was Dennis’ birthday. He was turning 42 at the time.

The very next year, however, trouble rocked their little paradise. Michelle filed for a divorce from the NBA star. According to sources, Dennis was a particularly heavy drinker who liked to party as well. It led to brushes with other women, as is the case with most famous athletes.

She also went on to state that the former NBA player became abusive whenever he drunk. It was sufficient grounds for her to seek a divorce. Dennis tried to salvage his withering manage.

It would take another eight years before the divorce was officially finalized. By then, his ex-wife had already had enough. To cap it all off, she also sued him for child support.

Dennis Roadman Ex-Wife Michelle Moyer Wiki-bio.

Full name Michelle Moyer
Age 57 years old.
Date of Birth 1967
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Former WAG
Net worth Under review
Wife Dennis Rodman (ex-husband)
Kids 2
Parents N/A
Zodiac Sign Under review
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Image of Michelle Moyer [Dennis Rodman’s third Wife] Wiki Bio and Facts.