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Michelle Oakley Daughters: (Willow, Maya, and Sierra Oakley) Biography.

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Michelle Oakley is an American TV Actor and a Vet. Michelle Oakley is famous for starring in one of Nat Geo Wild Documentaries, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. The Documentary was filmed in Alaska, where Dr. Michelle moved to years ago to fulfill her dreams.

Michelle also appears alongside the Documentary with her three daughters: Maya, Willow, and Sierra. In this article, we are going to be setting our eyes on Michelle Oakley’s daughters. We are going to find out everything we can on them like their age, career, net worth, and relationship status. Let me take you through the Oakley Family.

Maya Oakley Instagram, Age, and Wiki.

Maya is Michelle Oakley’s second born daughter. She has not disclosed a lot of information on herself, though. According to some sources, Maya attends the University of Western Ontario and is currently pursuing Criminal Justice Career. Maya is quite personal when it comes to her private life.

It was through her mother’s social media that we found her exact birth details. Maya was born on 2nd December 1998, and she is currently 21 years old.

Maya loves animals just as her mother does. Together with her sisters and mother, they have participated in several organizations meant to save animals.

Image of Michelle Oakley daughter Maya Oakley
Caption: Michelle Oakley daughter Maya Oakley

Taking a look at her social media, she has over 7000 followers. Her Instagram handle is @mayaoakleyy. Though she is not quite famous, at least she is winning over a bunch of followers on social media.

Regarding her relationship status, it is uncertain as young and beautiful as she is, who wouldn’t want to date her. We are hoping that one day Maya Oakley opens up more about her personal life.

Willow Oakley Instagram, Age, and Wiki.

Michelle Oakley’s younger daughter Willow Oakley is the youngest daughter of Michelle and Shane Oakley. She was born in 2004, which currently makes her 16 years old. Willow is not in the limelight as much as her mother and sister. There are very few details about her.

We just know that she was born in Yukon, Canada, and that she goes to a local high school. Like her sister Maya, Willow has beautiful blue eyes. Her hair is light brown while Maya’s is blonde.

Image of Michelle Oakley daughter Willow Oakley
Caption: Michelle Oakley daughter Willow Oakley

Willow’s Twitter Account is @WillowOakley1, and she has 1132 followers. Willow also has an Instagram account. However, the bio clearly says ‘catfishing since 2014’. Her sister follows that account, so we cannot be sure whether that’s her or not.

Michelle Oakley’s Elder Daughter Sierra Oakley Instagram, Age, and Wiki.

Sierra is the eldest daughter. She was born on 15th July 1997 in Yukon, Canada. At her young age, she played hockey when she was still in high school. Sierra and Maya were in the same Hockey Team. In 2012, Sierra Oakley played the left-wing forward position at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships. Not only was Sierra a player, but she was also the team captain.

After graduating from high school, Sierra Oakley attended St. Francis Xavier University. In 2019, she finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-med. Like her two sisters, Sierra also appeared in a couple of episodes of Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet.

Michelle Oakley’s daughter Sierra shares the passion of caring for animals, just like her mother. According to some sources, she was planning on joining a Veterinary Medicine School so that she could be a certified Veterinarian like her mother.

Image of Michelle Oakley eldest daughter Sierra Oakley
Caption: Michelle Oakley eldest daughter Sierra Oakley

At the age of 22, she has a net worth of $40,000. This is through her appearances from the documentary show. Looking at her social media accounts, we can see how much Sierra loves selfies. We can also see how she cares for animals from the shelter. Sierra will soon become a Veterinarian like Michelle Oakley.

  • Instagram- @sierraoakleyy with 8598 followers
  • Twitter @sierraoakley15 with 6084 followers

What about her love life? We have no idea whether the young woman is in a relationship or not. We were not able to find some clues from her social media. Sierra Oakley is said to stand at 5ft 7 inches and weighs about 65kgs. Unlike her sisters, she now has dark dyed hair.

As you can see, Dr. Michelle Oakley’s daughters are all grown up. They were all raised watching their mother treat and care for animals. The Nat Geo Wild Documentary has gained the girls a bit of popularity.

Image of Michelle Oakley Daughters.