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Coach Mike Bayer Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, Net worth.

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Mike Bayer is an author and personal development coach for some of the most renowned celebrities. His clients are more famous than their actual work. Bayer once went on a row as Demi Lovato’s sober coach and for helping reshape the mental health of Joe Jonas. He even became more famous when Demi fired him after she publicly accused him of deceiving her. This was right before she overdosed again hence the sudden shoot in the coach’s fame. For more on Mike Bayer’s net worth, personal life, and Wikipedia bio, be sure to stick with us till the end.

Who is Mike Bayer?

Mike Bayer is a 41-year-old renowned life coach and best-selling author who mostly works with celebrities and executives. He was born in Las Vegas, California, and resides in the area to date. Many people call him Coach Mike as it resonates fully with his professional career.

He is mostly known to work with athletes, executives, and professionals when they eventually succumb to the pressures of the demanding lives they live. The coach also has one sibling named David Bayer with whom he is very close to.

Image of Author, Mike Bayer
Caption: Author, Mike Bayer

Sometimes he appears on TV on Dr. Phil’s show where he is seen breaking down the physical attributes of the guests. He also works for Phil as an advisor on the advisory board he holds. Aside from all that, Coach Coach Mike Bayer also wrote a book last year aimed at guiding people to lead a better life. Basically, he dished out all his fitness prowess in a few pages, which in turn amounted to a little bit of Mike Bayer net worth. More on that later.

Is Mike Bayer married to a wife?

Mike Bayer’s work requires him to nurse people back to their best selves, and seemingly, it has taken a toll on Mike Bayer personal life. The six-foot handsome man remains unmarried. To make matters worse, he has never been rumored to be in a relationship with anyone.

On his Instagram, the fitness coach often posts pictures of several female celebrities. However, he maintains a level head saying they are just his good friends or former clients. Therefore, either he is very good at hiding his private life, or the coach has just been very unlucky in love.

Some fans went as far as speculating that he is gay as they term him as too good looking to be single.

Image of Mike Bayer is currently single
Caption: Mike Bayer is currently single

Mike Bayer’s net worth.

In January 19th, 2019, Coach Mike Bayer published his book Best Self; Be you, only better. Owing to the amount of experience he has in the field and his numerous connections, the book was an instant top seller and went on to become a New York bestseller. He sold over 200,000 copies worldwide in the first two months, and that contributed volumes to his current fortune.

The life of a head coach has many benefits and comes with good pay. As of 2020, Mike Bayer’s net worth stands at a whopping $2 million. He started as a mental health and addiction counselor and thereby built a large clientele. His love for a healthier life motivated him further to start the CAST Foundation, which aims to help people master the art of healthy and productive living.

Image of Personal development coach, Mike Bayer
Caption: Personal development coach, Mike Bayer

CAST has since grown tremendously, and as its CEO Mike earns a hefty sum. His work as a personal development coach adds about $34000 to his net worth per annum. Aside from that, the 41-year-old is also part of the advisory board of Doctor Phil and often appears in segments of his daytime show. His position there has also contributed to his impressive fortune.

Mike Bayer Wikipedia bio and personal life.

Full name Mike Bayer
Age 41
Date of Birth September 19th,1979
Place of Birth Las Vegas, California
Profession Personal development coach, author
Net worth $2 million
Relationship status Single
Kids None
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight unknown
Zodiac Sign Virgo

 Mike was born to his mother, Katie Bayer, on September 19th, 1979. There is no mention regarding the identity of his father even though he appears very supportive and present. The Vegas native also has one sibling, David Bayer, and the two were raised in Los Angeles all their life.

Image of Mike Bayer with his brother David Bayer
Caption: Mike Bayer with his brother David Bayer

Mike Bayer graduated from Mater Dei High school before enrolling at Fordham University. However, the newly found freedom which comes with joining University was too overwhelming, and his life took a turn for the worst. He moved from being a superb basketballer and ba right student to a meth addict.

However, after waking up one day and realizing he had drifted away from his former promising self, he decided to get help and turn his life around. After a series of therapy sessions and rehabilitation, Bayer regained his health and became the boy his family once knew.

His parents stood by him every step of the way and thus played a huge role in his recovery. He was then enrolled in the Metropolitan State University, where he graduated with a degree in Alcohol and Drug Counselling. Most of his clients, including Demi Lovato, say that he is so good at his craft and keeps it very professional, maybe because he was once a victim of drug addiction.

Social media activities.

Coach Mike Bayer is extremely popular on Instagram with a following of up to 100k people. From his timeline, you can tell he is very close to his parents. The coach sometimes posts pictures of himself and his family alongside looking all happy. Let’s also not forget the many pictures of his celebrity friends with adorable captions during their hangouts or birthdays, the latest one being of Meghan Trainor.

Regardless, most of his content is a promotion for the work he does. On twitter, he often pens motivational quotes and life tips to his 10.3k followers. However, Facebook is the least popular with only about 139000 followers. However, he still engages his people with videos tailored to healthy lifestyles and random quotes to get you through the day.