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Mike Holmes Children and Grandchildren

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Mike Holmes is a professional contractor and reality star who first broke into the industry in 2003. This was with the advent of the HGTV program, Holmes on Homes. Since then, Mike has gone on to become one of the most trusted contractors in Canada.

In addition to this, Holmes is also a bankable spokesman for organizations like the Ontario Building Inspectors Association. Believe it or not, Mike still finds time to be a philanthropist.

He started the Holmes Foundation, a program that supports aspiring contractors, more than 15-years ago. Meet Mike Holmes’ children and grandchildren.

Mike Holmes has Three Children

Mike and his ex-wife, Alexandria Lorex had three children during their decade-long marriage. Their first daughter, Amanda, was born on the 2nd of September 1984 in Ontario, Canada. She is 37-years old at the moment. Her sister, Sherry, followed three years on from this.

She was born on June 21st, 1987, and is 34-years old. Mike’s last-child, Mike Jr, was born on the 25th of July 1989. At 32, he is the youngest in the family. Mike’s children had the luxury of growing up with two different mothers, their biological mum, Lorex, and their stepmother, Anna Zappia.

Mike Holmes Son Mike Holmes Jr.

Mike Holmes Jr is a television personality and licensed contractor adept at carpentry. Other than that, he is also a frequent public speaker and teacher. In one Facebook post,  Mike Jr talked about his advocacy for healthy home living. He talked about DIY projects and warned people against undertaking electrical projects on their own.

Interestingly, Mike did not always want to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wanted to pursue his own path. However, things changed after he decided to take a summer job at his dad’s construction company.

Shortly after, he’d find an avenue into television with the start of HGTV’s Holmes on Homes. From then on, Mike Jr would feature in multiple other spin-offs. These range from titles like Holmes Make it Right, Mike’s Ultimate Garage to Holmes Inspection.

Decades of experience in construction also made Mike Jr an effective teacher. He works with organizations like Skills Ontario, Young Professionals Build, and Conestoga College. As far as his personal life goes, Mike is married to a woman named Lisa Grant. The two made things official four years ago, and have been together ever since.

Mike Holmes Son, Mike Holmes Jr

Daughter Sherry Holmes

Long before Sherry dawned her construction hat, she was a world traveler who took up several odd jobs to fund her wanderlust. By 2008 however, she decided that it was finally time to help out with the family business. She was particularly interested in the philanthropic aspect of it, especially after Hurricane Katrina hit.

The Holmes Construction Company was fairly active in the New Orleans Lower Ninth Area. This gave Sherry the chance to work with the Make it Right Organisation. It later opened the door to a television appearance on Holmes Make it Right, alongside the rest of her family.

Additionally, Sherry is a married woman. Her husband’s name is Blake Steed. The two walked down the aisle in 2017, and have been together for four years.

Mike Holmes daughter, Sherry Holmes

Daughter Amanda Holmes

Amanda is Mike’s oldest daughter. For several years, she worked alongside her father, serving as his office manager. In this context, Amanda appeared in around 17 episodes of Mike’s Holmes on Homes. After 2 years, she decided to take a well-deserved step away from television to focus on her personal life.

Most fans of the family will be aware that Amanda has been married twice so far.  She met her first husband when she started working with her father at Holmes construction.

Adam Belange was a heavy machinery expert and a vital member of the team. Amanda’s second husband is a bit of a media recluse. There is no information about him. 

Mike Holmes with his daughter, Amanda Holmes

Mike Holmes Grandchildren

Holmes has multiple grandchildren as we speak. Her oldest daughter, Amanda, has two children, Wyatt and his sister, Emily. The former was born on the 1st of October 2010, which means that he is set to turn 11 this year. Mike’s other granddaughter is  Cali Kay Holmes Steed. She is the daughter of Sherry Holmes and Blake Steed.

Professional Contractor, Mike Holmes