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Mike Vogel Wife Cortney Vogel: Mother of 3 Kids is a Model

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Mike Vogel is an American tv personality. People mostly know him by his looks, which even landed him in the Top 100 Sexiest Men list of 2011. However, Mike has been in the field for a lot longer. He started modeling for Levi Strauss and then played in Grounded of Life. Then, Mike started playing in movies and got roles in films. He entered the movies industry with the Cloverfield movie. Ever since his first movie, he has been a fan favorite of many.

But his fame increased even more with the rising lists of movies he attended to. With his success as a tv personality, his fans have taken more interest in his personal life, especially his relationship with his wife, Cortney Vogel.

This article is about Mike Vogel’s Wife- Cortney Vogel, and their relationship details.

Mike Vogel has been Married to his wife, Cortney Vogel, since 2003

Both Vogel and Cortney were models in the early 2000s. The models throw away parties once in a while, and on one such occasion, Vogel and Cortney got to meet each other. Despite Mike’s high appearance, his confidence wasn’t quite at the level back then. At that party, Mike saw Cortney and fell in love with her.

However, telling Cortney about his feelings was a distant dream; he could not even talk casually with her. Whether Mike was nervous or just shy, he left Courtney after saying hi for a greeting. Cortney could gauge the intent just by looking into his eyes. It was like love at first sight moment for both of them. Mike secretly told his mother that he had found the love of his life. Soon, Cortney initiated a sort of friendship with Mike, knowing what it would turn into.

Mike Vogel and his beautiful wife, Courtney Vogel
Mike Vogel and his beautiful wife, Courtney Vogel

It was a slow process spanning over two years. By 2003, the couple got very comfortable with each other. They were also living together. Then, they decided to turn their dating life into a married one. They arranged a private marriage among a few family members and got married in 2003.

Finding true love is quite difficult, but those who find it rejoice for a long time. Hoping the same, they got married and started living in Los Angeles. They share three children together. With increasing desires, they thought of shifting to a different neighborhood. They currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cortney Vogel is famous for her own Rights.

Ordinarily, Cortney would become famous due to her relationship with Mike Vogel. However, she is quite a star herself. Hence, Courtney was famous even before meeting Mike. She has shown interest in becoming a model ever since her childhood.

Cortney started as a business model, but she had a natural affinity to it. So, she was pretty happy with her career choice. With her rising fame, some top brands started contacting her for the job, and she quickly rose to fame. Despite her growing career, Cortney left modeling after 2004. It is not to say that she left modeling for good. She sometimes performs as a model, but as her children keep growing, her appearance as a model has declined significantly.

Cortney Vogel is a mother of 3 Kids.

Cortney and Mike were married in 2003. However, they got their first child only in 2007. To date, Mike’s wife, Cortney Vogel, is the proud mother of three kids. They are Cassy, Charlee, and Gabriel.

Mike Vogel with his wife, Cortney Vogel and children
Mike Vogel with his wife, Cortney Vogel, and children, Cassy, Charlee, and Gabriel

Cassy Renee Vogel

Cassy Renee Vogel is the first child of Cortney and Mike. She was born in 2007, and she is currently 14 years old. She is the oldest child in the family and assists Cortney and Mike in taking good care of her two siblings.

Charlee B. Vogel

Mike and Cortney got their second daughter in 2009. Charlee is currently 12 years old and is currently in high school, along with her big sister Cassy.

Gabriel James Vogel

The couple was delighted with their two daughters, but the thought of having a son was equally appealing as well. Thus, they continued to have another child. This time, they got their son and named him Gabriel James Vogel. He was born in 2013 and had a four years gap after the birth of Charlee.

Facts about Mike Vogel wife Cortney Vogel and children