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Morgan Stewart wikipedia: Net Worth, Sport, Parents.

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Morgan Stewart is an American TV Personality, Creative Director of her Fashion blog, and entrepreneur. She is also an influencer on social media and hosts red carpet events graciously.

Born to a pretty well-off family on May 22nd, 1988, in Beverly Hills, California, Morgan Stewart is a reality star famous for her role in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

The TV celebrity has had a successful career in many TV Series like Daily Pop (2017 – 2019), Nightly Pop (2018 – 2019), Live from E! She’s also hosted E! Live from the Red Carpet (2016-2019).

She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 128.7K on Twitter, which seems to be growing every day. Her marriages and divorce both made hot gossip topics in fashion magazines across the states.

From her TV show appearances and social media handles, she is known to have a good sense of humor.

Morgan Stewart Wikipedia.

There is little information about her aside from the fact that she was born to millionaire parents, and this had also led to many claiming that she always had it easy when it came to everything in life.

Her early school isn’t known, but she probably studied somewhere near Beverly Hills, close to her home.
Morgan Stewart dropped out of Pace University, where, she stated, that she did not pass a single class and instead pursued her career in what she wanted, which was an innovative idea of running a website- a fashion blog for women.

She had already been involved in many TV series at this point and became famous for her role in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Following her popularity, she has been active in many ongoing TV series as host or co-host, or guest. She has had significant roles in Bethenny’s TV series, Hell’s Kitchen, Steve Harvey, Drinks with Khloe, and many more.

Morgan is also a heavy drinker and has been rescued by her friends on various messy occasions. She has led a successful career as a socialite, celebrity star, and Fashion blogger.

Morgan Stewart’s Wikipedia page does not exist.

Net Worth

Born to millionaire parents, Morgan Stewart has always been more decadent than most of us. Her net worth is nearly approaching $5 million as of 2021.

She receives $10,000 per Instagram post. The reality star, supposedly, also has multiple sources of income within the fashion industry. She currently lives in a $10 million home gifted by Mc. Graw’s parents.

Morgan Stewart Sport

Morgan also runs a sportswear and swimwear company- Morgan Stewart Sport which offers trendy sportswear in various styles like- leggings, tops, sports bras, and outerwear. The brand has recently pushed out stylish Polo kits and Almond hoodies on their Instagram.


Image of successful personality, Morgan Stewart with divorce husband
An American TV Personality and entrepreneur, Morgan Stewart, and divorced filed husband, Brendan Fitzpatrick

In 2016, Morgan married Brendan Fitzpatrick in a lavishly grand marriage ceremony which made the news. Following allegations that she had been cheating on him for two years, she filed for divorce in August 2019.
She is currently married to Dr. Phil McGraw’s son, singer Jordan McGraw and together, they have a baby girl named Row Renggli McGraw. They often post pictures of her on their Instagram.


Her father, Herb Stewart, is an architect and President of H Construct, Inc., where he designs exquisite luxury stores like Gucci, Fend, Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills and takes projects around the globe. Herb’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million as of 2021.

At the same time, her mother, Susan Stewart, is a homemaker. Morgan Stewart has said that her mother does a good job putting up with her, and that’s pretty much her job.

It’s unknown how her parents got married, but it seems pretty apparent that they have an excellent relationship with each other as their marriage has lasted for a long time.

Image of an American TV Personality and entrepreneur, Morgan Stewart