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NBA Youngboy Net Worth 2020.

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NBA Youngboy is a famous American artist who managed to be a millionaire at the tender age of 18. Generally speaking, he became more famous soon after he announced his single track “Homicide,” collaborating with another renowned rapper by the name Scotty Cain earlier on in 2015.

NBA Youngboy’s Net Worth is $6 Million in 2020.

“Homicide” recorded over 3.8 million views on YouTube. When Youngboy released his single track “38 Baby” in 2016, he became more popular. In the song’s video, NBA Youngboy features his gangster friends who are driving expensive cars and waving guns. “38 Baby” video recorded over three million views on YouTube.

In 2014, he released “Life before Fame,” a debut mixtape that went viral in a few weeks. Later on, he posted “Mind of a Menace 3”, “Mind of Menace 2,” and “Mind of Menace 1”.

Later on, in 2016, he released a mixtape by the name “38 Baby,” featuring other rappers such as Kevin Gates and Boosie Badazz.

Unfortunately, he was arrested in 2016 in Texas as a suspect of an attempt to commit first-degree murder that connected to a drive-by shooting. Nevertheless, NBA Youngboy released three singles while in prison. These singles include “Too Much,” “Don’t Matter,” and “Win or lose.”


Image of American rapper, NBA YoungBoy net worth
Caption: American rapper, NBA YoungBoy net worth

NBA Youngboy got released from prison five months after his arrest since he agreed to post a bail and plea deal. The judge proceeding over his case told him that his music was “normalized violence.”

The judge said that talent becomes a responsibility because many people listen to him and are most likely to do whatever he sings. NBA Youngboy used the publicity he had received a few days after his release to publish his song “Untouchable” and recorded over 97 million views on YouTube.

The track also reached 39th spot on Hip-Hop Songs/Billboard’s Hot R&B chart. His net worth report is as follows:

  • 2016 – $1 Million
  • 2017 – $2.5 Million
  • 2018 – $3.5 Million
  • 2019 – $4.5 Million
  • 2020 – $6 Million       

All in all, NBA Youngboy was born on 20th October 1999 in Baton Rouge (Louisiana). His sign of the Zodiac is Libra, and he is an American. He weighs 60 kg (132 lbs) and has a height of about 175 centimeters. It is worth mentioning that the rapper is still single, but has four kids. He dates Jania Jackson and has cheated on here occasionally. Above all, NBA Youngboy has one sister and one brother and they live in Mississippi.

Reports have it that the rapper owns many cars. NBA Youngboy has several SUVs and also has a Lamborghini. The best part of it all is that he is a young rapper who generates income from various sources. NBA Youngboy sells products such as jackets, hats, hoodies, and shirts on her official online store. Besides, you could also purchase his products and music through Amazon. His bestseller songs include:

  • I Ain’t Hiding
  • Ride
  • War with us
  • You the One
  • Graffiti
  • Untouchable
  • Solar Eclipse
  • No Smoke
  • Love is Poison
  • Outside Today

The most interesting part about him is that he became a millionaire before he was of age to enroll in any college. In other words, he never attended college. Most importantly, he has 896,000+ followers on Twitter, 1,950,000+ subscribers on YouTube, 3,800,000+ followers on Instagram and over 620,000 fans on Facebook.

Image of NBA Youngboy Net Worth