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Neil deGrasse Tyson Net Worth, Books, House & Cars

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a famous astrophysicist and scientist. Ever since his high school days, the scientist has worked extensively in researching astrophysics and has written several books on the topic to date.

Furthermore, Neil is a talk show host, lecturer, researcher, and author. He loves everything that has to do with science and is one of the most respected astrophysicists to live. When he isn’t busy with writing journals for science magazines and researching astrophysics on Hyden Planetarium, Neil goes on tours to share his knowledge with live audiences.

In this article, we explore the net worth, books, houses, and cars of scientist Neil deGrasse.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Net Worth

In 2021, Neil deGrasse has an impressive net worth of $5 million. The scientist earns an estimated $500k every year and increases his net worth by the same each year. The primary sources of his income include his works as an astrophysicist. He is currently involved with the Hyden Planetarium and writes journals for Natural History magazine.

Image of famous astrophysicist and scientist, Neil Degrasse Tyson
Famous astrophysicist and scientist, Neil Degrasse Tyson

Moreover, his career as an author has a huge role to play in his income sources. He has launched multiple bestselling books, which endows him a decent amount in royalties. Neil also hosts live shows and tours to share his knowledge of science which contributes to his income.

Furthermore, he appears on television on many popular shows like ‘The Universe‘ on the History channel and ‘Nova ScienceNow.’ He has hosted many talk shows in the field of science throughout his career.

In addition to the monetary riches, Neil deGrasse has a huge amount of followers across his many social media platforms. He currently has 1.6m followers on his Instagram handle and 5.2 million followers on his Facebook account. His followers occasionally ask him questions related to science and astrophysics in the comments section.

Neil DeGrasse Books

Neil is a recognized author with many titles to his name. The scientist released his latest book, Cosmic Queries: StarTalk’s Guide to Who We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We’re Going, in March 2021. He is also the author of many other books like ‘Astrophysics for people in a hurry,’ ‘Letters from an Astrophysicist,’ and ‘Welcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour.’ Furthermore, Neil also writes forewords for many scientific titles by reputed authors.

Neil Degrasse Books

House and Cars

There isn’t much information about Neil’s mansion and houses. However, we know that the scientist owns a luxurious mansion in East Hampton, New York City. Neil DeGrasse currently lives with his wife and children in Manhattan.

The scientist mentioned in an interview that he owns a Tesla model X. Neil went further to praise the design and concept of the vehicle, saying there should have more models like these manufactured in the past. He is clearly impressed with his car and the company Tesla. Moreover, in 2007, Neil was spotted in NYC driving an Audi A8L. The scientist probably owns many other cars; however, he has only revealed these two to the public.

Facts about Neil deGrasse Tyson net worth, books, house & cars