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Niall Matter Wife, Net Worth, Family.

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Niall Matter is a Canadian-American actor. Before venturing into the acting scene, Niall worked in an oil rig for eight years. His family was in the business, and he was a 3rd generation oil rigger. Their family oil rig was located in Northern Alberta, Canada.

However, he had a passion for acting since he was young.  At the age of 13, Niall enrolled in drama classes. To find out about his wife, family, and net worth, keep reading our write-up below.

He is married to his wife Sara Matter.

Niall is married to his lovely wife, Sara Bradley. The couple walked down the aisle in July of 2016. Their wedding was a private one, and it was held in the warm vacation-getaway, Hawaii. The lovely couple has been blessed with two beautiful children. The couple welcomed their first child in 2016 and their second one in 2018.

Their first baby girl is named Kate Matter. Their second-born daughter is named Betsy Matter. Previously, Niall Matter had dated a lady by the name of Serinda Swan. Serinda is known for working in the series, Graceland. Niall and Serinda were co-stars in the series. Serinda and Niall remain friends to date.

Image of Niall Matter with his wife Sara Matter
Caption: Niall Matter with his wife, Sara Matter

Who is Sara Matter? Her wiki-bio.

Sarah Matter is a very private individual. Not much is known about her apart from her immediate family. She is known for being the wife of Niall Matter and the mother of his kids. Their children’s names are Kate and Betsy Matter.

His Net Worth and salary

Niall Matter is estimated to be worth $4 million. His income is sourced from his acting career. He rose to fame from his work on films like Watchmen, Eureka, Primeval: New World, and The Best Years. Niall reportedly earns about $500,000 annually currently.

Image of Canadian actor, Naill Matter net worth
Caption: Canadian actor, Niall Matter net worth

His family’s wiki.

Niall was born on 20 October 1980 in Alberta, Canada. He was born to his mother, Jenifer, and his dad Aurthur Matter. He was raised with his brother, Trevor, and his sister Florence Matter. Niall and his siblings grew up on their parents’ farm in Canada. As aforementioned, Niall’s family has been involved in the oil exploration business.

Niall Matter’s Parents: Mother Jenifer Matter and father, Arthur Matter.

As aforementioned, Niall’s parents are Arthur and Jenifer Matter. Moreover, we found out that Niall has a brother named Trevor and a sister named Florence. The family grew up on their family farm. However, their family is heavily invested in oil exploration.

When Niall was 17, his parents had him work on their family oil rig for three months. The job helped a troubled Niall to focus on his school work and subsequently helped him pass his exams. For eight more years, Niall worked on his family’s oil rig until a horrible accident nearly put him out of commission.

Niall came close to losing his right leg after a drilling rig tore off his quad muscle from his femur bone. He had to endure six months of recovery, where he underwent rehabilitation and physiotherapy to allow him to stand on his own two feet again.

After recovering from his accident, Niall went back to his family business in oil exploration. During this time, Niall Matter witnessed an unfortunate incident where a man working in the oil rig lost his two legs. After the horrific accident, Niall decided that oil exploration was not his calling, and he called it quits. Thankfully, his decision to leave his family’s business paid off as he has become a successful actor.

During his work in their family rig, Niall didn’t forget his acting passion. He attended the Vancouver Film School to pursue his acting passion.

A look at his Social Media.

Niall Matter is active on the social media site, Twitter. On Twitter, Niall’s handle is @niallmatter. He has 24.2K followers on the site. Matter uses his Twitter to market his acting work as well as posting important information to his followers. Recently, Niall has posted Tweets in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. He expressed his anger for the killing of George Floyd, a black man, in a Tweet dated 29th May 2020.

Wikipedia facts.

Full name Niall Matter
Age 41
Date of Birth October 20, 1980
Place of Birth Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Profession Actor
Net worth $4 Million
Partner Sara Matter
Kids 2
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Unnamed
Image of Niall Matter Wife, Net Worth, Family.