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No Demo Reno cast Jennifer Todryk Net Worth, Age, Love Life, Wiki

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No Demo Reno is among the new shows that HGTV has initiated. The differentiating factor about this show is that the presenter and home renovator Jennifer Todryk creates beautiful renovations without breaking down the structure too much. Unlike many TV stars from HGTV who hugged fame after starring in their respective shows, Jenny was already pretty well known. She is an author, blogger, healthcare professional, and mother.

Jennifer Todryk is the host and innovator of No Demo Reno, and we will take a look at her Net Worth and Wiki in this article. Not to mention her Age and her current Love Life, so continue reading to learn more about her.

Jennifer Todryk’s Wiki

Image of No Demo Reno's Jennifer Todryk
No Demo Reno’s Jennifer Todryk

Jenny was born in Texas to John and Cathy Marsh. Her parents raised her alongside her siblings, Kevin and Colt. The family is from a Caucasian background and holds American citizenship. Jennifer had a decent childhood with an inclination to fashion. She studied at Burleson High School. Later on, she pursued fashion design and graduated from Tarleton State University.

The TV personality didn’t pursue fashion design as a profession. Instead, she employed herself at Lakeshore Medical Clinic after graduation. There, she provided her services for 15 years before moving on to better things.

When Jenny married and became a mom, she was confounded by her kids’ behavior. Thus, she became an expert on the matter and even published a book about disturbing child behaviors and how to deal with them. She initiated a blog, ‘Rambling Redhead,’ in 2015, where she shared relevant experiences. Her Instagram profile also goes by the same name.

Love Life and Children

Image of Jennifer Todryk with her husband and kids
Jennifer Todryk with her husband and kids

On the 6th of August, 2010, Jennifer met her life partner. Mike Todryk is an army veteran. He is currently involved in regional sales and is a director in a reputed firm. The duo spent a year dating and finally elevated their relationship.

They exchanged wedding vows on the same date the following year. The wedding was held in Texas in 2011.

To date, Jenny and her husband share three children. Their eldest is Von, who is nine years old as of 2022.

She gave birth in 2013, and just after two years, Berkley was born and is currently seven years old as of 2022. In 2018, their newest and second child Vivienne was born.

In addition to biological children, the TV personality has another child, but in the form of her Golden Retriever named Gary, who is an equally important family member.

The duo has been cherishing the marital journey for 11 years now. They are untouched by any controversies and fights. As of 2022, they live in Texas with their three children, who are yet to be teenagers.

How Old is Jennifer Todryk from No Demo Reno?

The TV personality took birth on the 22nd of July, 1988. Thus, Jenny is 35 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth

The HGTV presenter is worth more than $1 million as of 2022. Her primary source of income is her affiliate website, Rambling Redhead. There, she sells products from Amazon, as well as from her own collection. As the celeb has a large fan base and an impeccable reputation as a mother and blogger, fans consider her a reliable source to shop for important items.

Furthermore, Jennifer has been involved in No Demo Reno since 2021. She earns a huge income per episode on the show. Her Instagram handle has surpassed 1 million fans as of 2022. As a result, she gets many endorsements and sponsorship offers, which also boosts her earnings.

Finally, the book that Jenny wrote was a hit. You can get it here for $11.

She has already sold 1000 hardcopies worldwide, and this has become a strong source of her income.

How did Jennifer Todryk get into No Demo Reno?

Jenny was inclined to fashion design from her early days. This eventually transitioned to interior design. She gathered a lot of attention through her Instagram and humorous blogs.

She wrote about whining kids and also shared images of Interior design projects. The producers from HGTV thought she would be a perfect candidate for their new venture.

Thus, they offered her a role as a presenter and home renovator in the new show. Today, the show has already aired ten episodes, and fans are loving Jenny as their brand-new host.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Jennifer Todryk
Profession Author, Blogger, Influencer, TV host
Age 35 years
Date of Birth July 22, 1988
Relationship Married to John Marsh
Children Three- Vivienne, Berkley, and Von
Net Worth $1 million
Instagram followers 1 million


Image of Jennifer Todryk with her husband, Mike Todryk, and their kids