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Noah Gray-Cabey Height, Net Worth, Parents, Wife & Kids

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Noah Gray-Cabey is an actor from the United States. He started his acting career through the supernatural, psychological thriller film Lady in the Water (2006) as Joey Dury.

Further, he is globally known for his imitation of Franklin Aloysius Mumford in the remarkable American sitcom drama series My Wife and Kids(2002-2005). He also did praiseworthy work as Micah Sanders in the superhero fictional drama Heroes. In addition, the actor is a skilled pianist and musician.

In this article, we discuss Noah Gray- Cabey’s net worth, parents, relationships, and many more.

Who is Noah Gray-Cabey?

Noah is a 26 Years old actor who took birth in Chicago, Illinois. He is the youngest child among his siblings. He loved playing his toy piano since his childhood. As a result, Noah started playing real piano at the age of four and appeared on several venues for the performances. When he was five years old, he was a part of an orchestra. This also made him the youngest to do so.

Image of a legend actor, Noah Gray Cabey
Noah Gray Cabey

The actor graduated from Paraclete HS, located in California. He then joined Harvard University for his further education. Furthermore, he has starred in different television series and films like CSI:Miami(2004), Grey’s Anatomy (2006), Limelight (2009), Pizza Man (2011), and many more.

Noah Gray-Cabey Wife and Kids

Noah is a private guy who has succeeded in keeping his personal life mysterious. He is not the type of person who frequently appears in public with his date. Noah had a relationship with a white woman (name not known), but he is no longer emotionally attached to her. He didn’t have any children from his past relationship.

He is not engaged or committed to anyone presently.

Noah Gray Cabey with his rumored girlfriend
Noah Gray Cabey with his rumored girlfriend

Net Worth

Noah has secured his career in the acting and music industry from an early age. This young, talented, hardworking actor/musician has invested 20 years of his life in the TV and music industry. As of the report of 2021, he has earned a considerable wealth of approximately $2 million. Apart from monetary value, he has made a great fan base of 150k followers in his Instagram handle @noah_graycabey.

Parents and Family

Noah is African-European by origin. Noah’s dad is Afro-American. However, his mother, Whitney Gray, originates from Europe. He inherited his musical talent from his parents. His family moved to California in 2004.

His parents supported and helped him enhance his music and acting skills, which made him successful.

Noah Gray-Cabey Height

The actor is fit and wears an amazing personality. Noah is 5ft 1 inch tall with a 65kg body weight. He has dark brown eyes with black hair, which suits his chocolaty complexion.

Facts about Noah Gray-Cabey Height, Net Worth, Parents, Wife & Kids