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Oliver peck Wikipedia: His Age, Tattoos, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Wife and Bio Facts

Oliver Peck is a well-recognized name in the tattoo industry. Currently, he works as one of the main judges in ‘Ink Master,’ a reality TV series on Paramount Network.

Having dedicated his whole life to tattoos, Peck even landed a place in the Guinness World Record after inking 400+ tattoos in a day. This article will talk about Oliver Peck’s net worth and height. Let’s dig in.

Who is Oliver peck? Wikipedia-Bio

Oliver Peck began his journey as a tattoo artist at the early age of 17. Sources say he honed his skills from the tattoo shop called “Pair-O-Dice Tattoo.” He developed this profession due to his keen interest in drawing and art.

Besides being an incredible artist, Oliver was also a brilliant skater in his youth. In addition, he was known to take drugs and also got arrested during his high school days.

Later he realized his mistake and vowed to do better. Today, he owns the ElmStreet Tattoo in TX and True Tattoo in CA. Furthermore, Mr. Peck is famous for his traditional tattooing style, also known as the “Old America Style.”

He also appeared as the primary judge alongside Chris Nunez in “Ink Master.” This show brought a lot of controversies, particularly after one of the judges was accused of sexual harassment by a staff member.

We also learned that Oliver likes to draw, travel, and listen to music in his free time. Moreover, he loves bikes, continental food and is a huge fan of Vin Diesel.

Later, in 2008, Oliver attempted to break his ex-wife’s Guinness Book of World Record, tattooing 415 tattoos in 24 hours. Thus, he is widely recognized as one of the finest artists in the world.

Just like many celebrities, Peck also seemed to have a tragic life. He suffered from a heart attack, forcing him to undergo surgery. Thus, he had to take a step back from Ink Master following his health issues.

Birthday and Parents

Oliver Peck was born on July 29, 1971, in Dallas, Texas. He is the son of Diane Lucas and an unknown father. Furthermore, Peck is now 50 years old. Additionally, Oliver is also a Leo in regards to his zodiac sign. Growing up, he was also brought up to practice Christianity.

Oliver peck Net Worth

Being the owner of two successful tattoo companies, Oliver earns a significant income. Besides this, he also appeared as the primary judge in a talent competition reality show. As such, Oliver Peck’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. According to our reports, he charges $100/hr for his services.

Oliver peck Tattoos

Oliver admits he does not follow trendy tattoos. He believes in giving time, effort, and value when it comes to developing interesting tattoo styles.

Interestingly, he has even inked himself, and each of his tattoos represents or symbolizes something. One of his anchor tattoos on the left side of his neck symbolizes stability, calmness, determination, passion, peace, and strength. Oliver Peck famous for his tattoos

Professional tattoo artist, Oliver Peck

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Oliver Peck stands at a modest 5′ 6″ tall. Moreover, he weighs 60 kg and has a body measurement of 38-30-35 inches. Currently, he has 504k + followers on Instagram.

Oliver peck married to wife, Kat Von D. Meet his Daughter.

Oliver Peck and Kat von D shared a common passion for art and tattoos. Thus, they were walking down the aisle by 2003. Sadly, the couple only stayed together for four years before filing for divorce in 2007.

During an interview, Oliver revealed that Kat was a heavy drinker. Moreover, her infidelity also ruined the relationship. Before they split up, Peck and Kat had a daughter, but there is no sufficient information regarding her.

After the divorce, Oliver moved on to a woman named Audra Cabral. The couple posts photos on social media. After the divorce, Kat also dated a few other men, though these relationships did not last.

Oliver Peck and his Ex-wife, Kat Von D
Oliver Peck and his Ex-wife, Kat Von D
Images of professional tattoo artist, Oliver Peck