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Omari Hardwick Net Worth.

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Omari Hardwick is a famous American actor. He is best known for his work in films like The A-Team, Being Mary Jane, Saved, Kick-Ass, and Power. Many people know him for his role as ‘Ghost’ or James St. Patrick in the series, Power, that aired on Starz. Before his acting career took off, Omari had pursued football, but a knee injury caused him to leave the sport. Aside from acting, Omari is also a poet. A scroll through his Instagram reveals that some of his captions are written as mini-poems. See Omari’s net worth and his cars in our write-up.

Omari Hardwick’s net worth is $5 Million in 2020.

Omar Hardwick’s prowess in acting has made him a sought-after actor. This means his performances do not come cheap. Over the years, his career has netted him an enviable $5 million net worth according to reliable sources.

Some of the movies he has been featured in have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars. This means that Omari has taken home some good salaries over the years from his various roles. For example, it is reported that Kick-Ass grossed a whopping $96.2 million.

The A-Team, where Omari played Chopshop Jay, grossed $177.2 million. Additionally, Colored Girls earned $94.9 million. Looking at these figures, it is not hard to see where Omari’s wealth has come from.

Image of American actor, Omari Hardwick net worth
Caption: American actor, Omari Hardwick net worth

The Starz network also pays a pretty penny to its actors. Some of the top-rated shows on the network pay six or seven figures to the lead casts. Considering Power is one of Starz network best-rated show, Omari, who is the cast starring, must have laughed all the way to the bank.

Omari Hardwick house and cars.

Omari may be a world-famous actor but he has managed to keep most of his private life under wraps. Therefore, not a lot is known about his house and cars. However, we did a bit of digging in his Instagram and found a few interesting things.

Watching some of the videos he posts on his Instagram, we can see that he rides in a big SUV-like vehicle. The SUV could most likely be a Chevrolet Suburban. In one of his videos, we see a white Chevrolet Suburban parked on the roadside as Omari signs autographs.

Another of his vehicles could be a RAM pick-up truck. He has posted a photo of himself and his wife on the white truck’s trunk bed. On 20th May 2019, Omari posted a photo of himself seated at the back of a white Roll Royce Phantom.

The Roll Royce Phantom is a luxury vehicle whose starting price is an eye-watering $350,000. Luckily, Omari can easily afford such a vehicle based on his wealth.

Image of Omari Hardwick Net Worth