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Parker Posey Net Worth, Age, Husband, Parents

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A movie character with a keen sense of humor is one thing that makes the film gold. And Parker Posey is one of the few actresses who can pull off the funny and witty character of the film.

With her rise to stardom, people are curious about the actress’ net worth, age, husband, and parents. Well, keep on reading and find out more.

Who is Parker Posey?

Aside from being an actress, Parker Posey is also a writer and producer. She brings funny movie characters to life. Posey majored in Drama at the State University of New York. Her acting career kicked off when she landed her first role in As the World Turns, where she played the character named Tess Shelby. She also participated in Dazed and Confused and Scream 3, which are two notable thriller movies.

Furthermore, the actress also participated in animated films and TV series such as Futurama, The Simpsons, and Inside Out.

Posey won multiple awards and even received a title for her participation in different indie films. She was given the title of “Queen of Indies” by Time Magazine in 1997. Moreover, the actress also won the Sundance Film Festival Award for Special Recognition in 1996.

In 2009, Parker Posey was supposed to participate in “This,” a stage production. However, the actress had to let the project go as she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Posey underwent antibiotic treatment, but it did not help get rid of the disease.

Image of actress and producer, Parker PoseyActress and producer, Parker Posey

Net Worth

Parker Posey participated in multiple films and series. Aside from that, she is also a writer and producer. Because of her success in her endeavors, Posey’s net worth estimate is at $5 million. Her income hails primarily from her acting career.

Age and DOB

Parker Posey was born in 1968 on the 8th of November. She is currently 53 years of age.

Posey was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Moreover, she grew up and spent most of her childhood in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Is Parker Posey married to a husband?

According to reports, Parker Posey is currently not in any relationship. However, Posey has had her fair share of romance with her former boyfriend.

Parker had a relationship with Zach Leary. However, details of their relationship are unknown to the public. Posey was also in a relationship with American author Thomas Beller. And in 1998, Posey dated Irish actor Stuart Townsend. However, the couple broke up in February 1998.

Parker also once dated Ryan Adams from August 2003 until January 2004. Her former boyfriend, Ryan Adams, is a singer from North Carolina.

In 2007, Posey dated British Comedian Craig Ferguson but split in 2008. In addition, there were rumors that she dated Keanu Reeves in 2008. We hope the actress will soon find her husband.

Parker Posey with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Adams
Parker Posey and her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Adams

Parents & Family

Parker was born to parents Chris and Lynda. Chris is a car dealer and owns a car dealership. Meanwhile, Lynda is a former chef.

Parker only has one sibling, her twin brother named Christopher. Unlike his sister, who ventured into show business, Christopher Posey is a lawyer.

Parker Posey with her twin brother, Christopher
Parker Posey and her twin brother, Christopher


Despite her battle with Lyme disease, Parker never fails to share her acting talent with the world. Even though she encountered a few bumps in her career, the challenges did not stop Posey from pursuing her passion for acting. Fans don’t only love Parker because of her humorous antics, but people love her because of her courage.

Parker Posey Net Worth, Age, Husband, Parents