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Paul Greene Wife, wife death, Net Worth.

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Paul Greene is an artist and television personality who you might recognize from shows like When Calls the Heart. As we mentioned above, he is also a musician who has released albums like Distance Over Time, The Miles, and Happy Here With You. Just recently, Paul held an Instagram live event where he played an hour of gospel music for his fans.

His success in music has come from signing with record labels like Whirl Records and Australian Broadcasting Corp. There have been rumors suggesting that Paul Greene’s wife is dead. Is this true? Let’s find out.

Who is Paul Greene?

Paul Greene is a Wetaskiwin-born actor who got his big break in Wicked Wicked Games, a telenovela type series. In typical telenovela style- drama, the plot revolves a woman scorned after she was dumped nearly three decades ago. Now she is out for revenge. Paul was brought on to the show during the first season’s sixth episode. Gradually, he turned into a recurring member of the cast, who was featured in 40 episodes in total.

Paul has about 33 different credited roles in his acting portfolio. These include television movies like My Favourite Wedding, Christmas in Angel Falls, and A Wish For Christmas. His latest work has come with the series, ‘When the Heart Calls.’

Greene has been with the series for more than four years now. The show first aired on television on January 11th, 2014. We were first introduced to Paul during the show’s fourth season, in an episode titled ‘Change of Heart.’ Since then, he has worked on 36 more episodes.

The show has given him the chance to work with actors like Erin Krakow, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, and Gracyn Shinyei. In as far as his music is concerned, we found that he is proficient when it comes to playing the drums, harmonica, guitar, and even a piano.

Is Paul Greene’s wife dead?

The short answer is no; Paul Greene’s wife is not dead. He was once married to a woman named Angie Greene. The two even had a son together, Ollie, before separating. Despite being divorced, Paul and Angie still have a good relationship. They co-parent their son together. Presently, Paul us involved with a woman named Kate Austin. The two are even engaged! That’s not surprising considering that they have been together for four years.

Paul asked Kate to marry him back in May 2019 while they were vacationing in Italy. So, where did the possible rumor of his wife’s death stem from? Well, it was all a simple case of misunderstanding. Paul Greene was one of the characters on the Facebook-based game, Family Blood.

Image of Paul Greene with his wife Kate Austin
Caption: Paul Greene with his wife Kate Austin

During the 15th case, the character named Paul killed his in-game wife, Aileen Greene. So people have the game mixed up with real life! Both Paul’s ex-wife and future wife are very much alive.

Paul Greene’s Net worth.

Paul has made a significant amount of wealth from his successful films. Back in 2010, Greene was part of the production, Somewhere, which went on to record nearly $14 million in profit at the box-office. This is just one of the many popular franchises he has been part of over the years. As of 2020, Paul Greene’s net worth is $16 million.

Image of Canadian actor, Paul Greene net worth
Caption: Canadian actor, Paul Greene net worth

A look at his social media activity.

On Instagram, we found that Paul Greene is quite active, and popular for that matter! By our latest count, he has 132K fans following the page. As you’d expect, most of his posts are dedicated to his work in music and movies. Paul is not also shy about sharing his social and political views when the need arises. Just recently, he documented a black lives matter protest in Los Angeles.

Image of Paul Greene Wife, wife death, Net Worth.