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Pete Carroll Wife Glena Goranson and Kids

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Managing and maintaining a stable professional career is quite challenging, and the same goes for being in a romantic relationship – it can sometimes be challenging too. Achieving a state of equilibrium between these two important factors is not something that all people can do. But for the American football head coach and the executive vice president of the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League, Pete Carroll, achieving both might not have been a walk in the park. Still, it sure is something he was fortunate to acquire.

Today, let’s disclose Pete’s personal life regarding his current and previous relationship in this article.

Pete Carroll and his wife, Glena Goranson, Love Life

When you do a quick online search about the life of this distinguished man, you will be amazed by the stories of his life. Apart from being blessed with a booming professional career, Pete has been fortunate enough to meet his wife, Glena Goranson. Indeed, Carroll achieved too many victories in his chosen profession, but for him, the most precious trophy he has earned in his life so far is being blessed with a complete and happy family.

Back when Pete was still a student at the University of the Pacific, he was already inclined with sports, specifically in the field of football. Little did he know that his love for sports was destiny’s way for him to meet his wife, Glena Goranson.

Friends would say that they were meant to find each other’s ways as their interests are so much alike. But, they only differ in their chosen sports. The 21-year-old Glena at that time was too fond of being associated with an indoor volleyball. Like Pete, Glena found herself being passionate in the athletics field too. It’s no surprise that she became one of the best athletes of her time.

Pete and his partner found each other’s hearts during their college years. They started dating, and together, they built a healthy and robust relationship for themselves. One can say that their love story during these early years can be likened to the kind of stories we see in movies, which mostly ends happily. It is an ideal love story for most people, and sure enough, Caroll and Goranson were lucky they found one.

Pete Carroll living blissful life with his wife, Glena Goranson
Pete Carroll and his wife, Glena Goranson

After moments passed of their dating stage, the sweet couple decided to step up their relationship and go into marriage. On the 21st of May 1976, they tied the knot and exchanged their sweetest marriage vows. Amidst being a public figure, their marriage hasn’t been tainted with any marital issues; they both blissfully live as husband and wife without receiving any controversy regarding their married life.

Their Kids

Along the years of being together, the duo was blessed with three children, who are entirely grown-ups now.

Elder Son Brennan Carroll

Their eldest child named Brennan Carroll was born on the 20th of March 1979 and is already 42 years old as of the year 2021. He was associated with various works, including being a USC staff as a graduate assistant way back in August 2002 and a recruiting coordinator in 2007. Currently, Brennan works as an offensive line coach and coordinator. On top of this, he is already also happily married to his wife Amber, with whom he shares a wonderful son named Dillon Brennan Carroll.

Pete Carroll with his elder son, Brennan Carroll
Pete Carroll with his elder son, Brennan Carroll

Younger Son Nate Carroll

Their second son was Nate Carroll, who was brought into this world on the 24th of May 1987. Following in his father’s footsteps, Nate is also staff in Se-hawk. He also served as a personal assistant and Jacksonville’s offensive assistant. And now, this young man works for the Seattle Seahawks as a wide receiver coach. Like his eldest brother, the 34-year-old man is also blissfully married to his wife Anna, and they both have one child.

Pete Carroll Son, Nate Carroll
Youngest son of Pete Carroll, Nate Carroll

Daughter Jaime Carroll

Jaime Carroll is the only daughter of the couple and the third of the siblings’ order. She was born on April 12, 1982. Like her mother, Jaime was also a former indoor volleyball player. She played as USC’s defensive specialist. Currently, in her 39th year of existence, Jaime serves as a president in Compete, which aims to create an online educational platform to help many people live meaningful and purposeful lives. The company was also co-founded by her father, Pete Carroll.

Pete Carroll daughter, Jaime Carroll and wife, Glena
Pete Carroll and his daughter, Jaime Carroll(left), and his wife, Glena(right)

The family built by the lovely couple, Pete and his better half, Glena, was undeniably backed with a strong foundation. As the years went by, their family’s name was never tainted with any negative issues about their relationships. They succeeded in every battle they had and remained the unity within them despite having now their individual families. Today, in their 60s, the couple is still tied with love and faithfulness. One can say that their love story is indeed the realistic illustration of a love that stood by the test of time.

Pete Carroll’s wife, Glena Goranson 

The famed model Glena has been known in the spotlight as being the wife of the famous actor Pete Carroll. Born in 1955, she is now happily living in her 66th year of existence as of 2021. As much as she is delighted and proud to be the woman of a celebrated man, Glena is also pleased to be part of the Caucasian ethnicity and have American nationality. Talking about her academic achievement, she graduated her bachelor’s year in the Pacific Univerity in Oregon. 

Wendy Pearl: What happened between Pete Caroll and his Ex-wife?

 Pete Caroll’s love story is also one of the typical stories one can have. Before they tied the knot with his current wife, Glena Goranson, the actor first met his first love, Wendy Pearl. Their romance started when they were too young enough to handle one. Despite their young ages, the couple still decided to walk down the aisle on June 2, 1973.

Both of them were in their late teens, still immature enough and in the process of exploring their lives. The abrupt decision they made to get into marriage is perhaps what caused them to separate their ways in 1975. The love and bond they created were not enough to last longer.

Despite the separation, the ex-couple is still reaching each other and having some casual talks once in a while. But this does not mean that there is still something going on between them; they prefer to keep the relationship just as friends.

Facts about Pete Carroll Wife Glena Goranson and kids