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How old is Peyton Coffee? Her Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth.

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Among many sources of entertainment, TikTok has taken the world by storm in recent memories. Various artists showcase their unique talents through this medium to amuse the viewers. One such TikToker is Peyton Coffee.

Peyton has been gaining enormous attention as of late due to her comedic videos on TikTok and YouTube. Moreover, she has a massive fan following of 13.9 million.

Who is Peyton Coffee?

Peyton Coffee is a social media celebrity who posts entertaining content on YouTube and Tik Tok, which people enjoy watching.

This internet star is was born in California. Peyton’s American parents raised her in California but later shifted places. Her father is Jason Coffee, who is also a social media sensation with 434k subscribers on YouTube.

Image of a social media celebrity, Peyton Coffee and her father
Famous social media personality mostly in YouTube and Tiktok, Peyton Coffee with her father, Jason Coffee

Before becoming a renowned social media icon, Peyton made a few appearances on her father’s channel, a popular vine channel. Since 2013, Peyton formed her YouTube channel.

Initially, she would try to copy her father’s videos of making comedic vines. Later, she began posting lip-sync videos, dialogues, and song snippets. Soon, her videos started to become viral. After that, her social media following also began to increase. By 2018, Peyton became one of the youngest in her state to reach 1 million followers.

Similarly, Peyton’s mother is Chassy Coffee, and she has two siblings. They are called Celeb Coffee and Isaac Coffee. Just like Peyton, her siblings are famous as well. All of them have either a Youtube or a TikTok channel.

Peyton Coffee Age and DOB.

Peyton Coffee was born on 24th January 2008. Hence, she is 13 years old as of 2021. Despite being at such a young age, Peyton is already living a life of a celebrity.

How tall is Peyton Coffee?

Peyton Coffee is a talented youngster as well as an attractive girl with decent height. As of now, Peyton stands tall at 5 feet 2 inches. Since Peyton is only 13 years old, her height may grow in the coming years.

Where does Peyton Coffee Live?

Peyton lived with her family in her hometown of California for a large part of the time. However, in 2020, the whole family permanently shifted to Hawaii. Ever since moving to Hawaii, Peyton has found more beautiful places to make Tik Tok videos.

Net Worth

It is unusual to think that a 13-year-old teenager would be making money. Despite being at such a young age, Peyton has been earning like most grown-ups. Thanks to millions of her followers on Instagram and a large following on Tik Tok, she can do brand deals and share posts with paid promotions. Currently, she has around 3 million followers on Instagram, 13.9 million on Tik Tok.

On her Instagram bio, she has a link through which her fans can buy merchandise. Peyton has her brand of clothing called Romwe that has apparel, accessories, and so much more. The price of the goods hovers around $10.00.

Other than this, Peyton is a YouTube sensation who earns significantly making YouTube videos. Peyton Coffee has 55k subscribers, and her videos get tons of viewers. Also, Peyton takes shares for appearing on her father’s videos.

Some Tik Tok and YouTube celebrities have also transitioned to TV shows, music careers, and movies. However, Peyton has not revealed any such plans. Currently, she focuses on making videos on her TikTok. Also, Peyton is still young to decide on her career path.

Adding her sources of income, Peyton has a net worth of approximately $400k.

She is currently attending her high school in Hawaii. However, she is thinking about taking a year off from her studies due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Peyton Coffee Boyfriend

Talking about Peyton Coffee’s boyfriend, she does not seem to share any details as of now. In a video with her father, the topic of boyfriends and boys arises. However, she refuses to talk about her crush.

However, Peyton might be keeping her lover a secret. In her latest Tik Tok video, Peyton made content on how she waits for her boyfriend to reply to her text. After waiting for several hours, Peyton realizes that she and her boyfriend have to go a long distance.

No one is sure what this means, but it could be a hint that Peyton is in a long-distance relationship.

Image of a social media celebrity, Peyton Coffee