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Phil Mattingly Wikipedia, Age, Wife Chelsea Carter, Salary and Facts

Phil Mattingly is a senior correspondent of CNN assigned at the White House. He provides coverage for events related to the Biden administration. In addition, Mattingly was a correspondent at the US Congress before he was assigned to the White House in January 2021.

Phil Mattingly Wikipedia

The birthdate of Phil Mattingly is December 16, 1984. His birthplace is Toledo, Ohio, in the United States. There are no details about the names of his parents or if he has other siblings. Mattingly studied at the Ohio State University, where he balanced his time being a student and a varsity athlete at the same time. He completed his college degree in 2006. After college, he took his master studies at Boston University and graduated in 2008.

Mattingly started his journalism career at Bloomberg News, where he worked as a print reporter. His news reports a wide array of topics such as finance, economics, lobbying issues in Washington, Justice Department coverage, and Congress updates. The Society of American Business Editors and Writers gave him an award for breaking news during his time at the Bloomberg News. In addition, Mattingly also wrote for the magazine Bloomberg Businessweek.

Journalist Phil Mattingly
CNN’s senior White House correspondent, Phil Mattingly.

Later, Mattingly transferred to Bloomberg Television, where he was the correspondent for political events in Washington. He covered all events related to the Obama administration, such as domestic and foreign policies. In 2015, the renowned journalist transferred to CNN, where he covered the campaign of the Republican candidates. Later, he was assigned as the US Congress correspondent. In January 2021, Mattingly was promoted to a senior correspondent assigned at the White House. He provided exclusive coverage of the Biden administration.

How Old is Phil Mattingly? Early Life

December 16, 1984, is the birthdate of Phil Mattingly, so that makes him 36 years old as of 2021. There are no details about his growing up years in Toledo, Ohio. However, he was a varsity athlete when he was a college student. It is clearly visible that the young Mattingly had a love for sports.

Phil Mattingly is Married to His Wife Chelsea Carter

Phil Mattingly and Chelsea are together for almost a decade now. The news correspondent proposed to his then-girlfriend Chelsea Carter in January 2011. He was still working as a correspondent for Bloomberg at that time. They had a brief engagement and married ten months later. Phil made Chelsea his wife in a romantic wedding ceremony on December 10, 2011.

Phil Mattingly with wife Chelsea Carter
CNN’s senior White House correspondent, Phil Mattingly with his wife Chelsea Carter.

Net Worth and Salary

Mattingly is one of the top correspondents in his news network, which ensures him a hefty salary. He earns an annual salary of $100,000 as CNN senior correspondent. His salary and all his other earnings give Mattingly a net worth of $3 million for 2021.

Social Media Activities

Phil Mattingly is very active on his social media accounts. His Twitter account Phil_Mattingly has more than 100,000 followers. On the other hand, his Instagram account has more than 31,000 followers, as of 2021.

CNN's senior White House correspondent, Phil Mattingly