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‘Property Brothers’ Is the Most Expensive HGTV Shows to Join

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Contrary to popular belief, show participants aren’t paid to appear on HGTV programs. In fact, most have shell out some major cash to qualify. Especially for those beloved renovation reality programs like Property Brothers.

Property Brothers is one of the most popular programs on HGTV and it also happens to be one of the most expensive to appear on. Here’s how much cash you’d have to save for the privilege of meeting twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

‘Property Brothers’ includes large scale transformations

The concept of Property Brothers is just like so many other renovation reality shows on HGTV. In each episode, real estate expert Drew takes house hunters on tours of different properties that match their criteria. Meanwhile, renovation guru Jonathan helps them envision how they can renovate the space to make it perfect.

But these prospective homebuyers don’t get those renovations for free. To qualify to be on the show, participants must meet extremely large budget requirements.

Show participants must spend at least $90K on renovations

Drew and Jonathan Scott pose for a portrait session
Drew and Jonathan Scott | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

Getting chosen to appear on Property Brothers takes more than just luck. Prospective applicants need a minimum of $90,000 to get on the original series, The Spruce reported. They must also be searching in a specific location, must be available for up to 10 days of filming, and must have a personality that’s “fun, outgoing, and opinionated,” according to the casting application.

Some spinoffs of Property Brothers require lower budgets. For example, house hunters applying for Property Brothers: Forever Home need a $70,000 budget. This is to make the big reveal even more extraordinary and special, which leads to higher ratings.

Out of all the renovation reality shows, Property Brothers demands the most money for renovations.

‘Property Brothers’ participants get to keep the furniture

They may be shelling out a lot of cash for the privilege of working with the Scott twins, but Property Brothers participants get a lot for their money. First is the priceless opportunity to work with world-famous HGTV stars. There’s a reason Property Brothers is one of the most popular shows on HGTV — the “after” shots speak for themselves.

But there are added perks behind the scenes, too. Unlike on other shows, the people who go on Property Brothers can keep the furniture used for staging at the end. This perk is worth tens of thousands alone.

HGTV shows provide the most expensive service for free

The priciest aspect of renovations is often the designers themselves. And on Property Brothers, just like on other series, show participants get that for free.

It’s true that home seekers must pay for the renovations themselves. But the famous hosts often get discounts by using contractors they know, or by offering exposure to local merchants. Show participants can get more for their money when they opt for doing renovations through HGTV shows like Property Brothers.

Property Brothers and other HGTV programs are casting all the time for new episodes. Check out the requirements on the official HGTV casting page.

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