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Property Brothers Wife dies: Rumour Or Fact?

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The Property Brothers are a real estate duo that mainly operates in Canada. They are known for their ability to convert dilapidated properties into dream homes for locals. What is remarkable is the fact that they tend to operate around tough budgets. As their moniker suggests, the property brothers are related. In fact, Jonathan and Drew Scott are twins.

The former is heavily involved in the construction process, whereas the latter is renowned for his knack for finding properties that are diamonds in the rough.

Recently, there have been news headlines with the tagline, ‘property brothers wife dies.’ Is this true or just a rumor? Find out here.

Did one of the Property Brothers’ Wife Die?

Several reports claimed that one of the property brother’s wife had died. Is this a rumor or a fact?

Well, it is not true. We could not find any links or stories that supported the fact that either one of the Scott brothers’ partners had passed away. The rumor stemmed from an Instagram post from Jonathan Scott and his wife, Annalee.

Jonathan’s wife had lost her paternal grandfather. The couple talked about the loss in a long post on Instagram. Annalee even mentioned how her grandfather had been the rock of her family.

Jonathan Scott's wife, Annalee is alive
Jonathan Scott and his wife, Annalee

Despite being ill, Annalee’s grandfather still made the trip to Nevada when it was time for his granddaughter to get married. She finished the post by saying that her grandfather would be dearly missed. So, this is, in all likelihood, the post which birthed the rumor that one of the property brother’s wife had died. However, as you can see, this is not the case.

Have there been any accidents or health concerns with the cast of the Property Brothers?

In August 2019, Jonathan revealed that he had suffered from an illness that almost cost him his life. He opened up about how he had been unwell for well over a year. For a while, his doctors couldn’t exactly tell him what was wrong. Jonathan exhibited symptoms such as extreme sensitivity to the sun and heart-related issues.

At one point, it got so bad that he thought he was in the midst of getting a heart attack. Staying in bed for days on end became the new norm for Jonathan as well. Fortunately, a healthy dose of antibiotics and a strict diet helped Jonathan get back on his feet.

Property brothers, Jonathan Scott health Issues
Property Brother’s Host, Jonathan Scott, is already fine.
Property Brothers wife are alive