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Rebecca Romney Wikipedia Bio: Husband, Age, Net Worth: 11 other Facts.

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Rebecca Romney is an American rare book curator and author who became famous after being featured in the reality show, Pawn Stars. Romney has over 12 years’ worth of experience when it comes to rare books. And this was just what Pawn Stars needed. Hers is truly a passion flowing deep in her veins. Here is Rebecca Romney’s Wikipedia type biography.

She even attended the Rare Book School and the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar to hone her skills further. After being employed for over a decade, Rebecca co-founded a firm named Type Punch Matrix in July 2019. Check out our article to learn about Rebecca’s career and personal life.

Rebecca Romney’s Husband.

For any hopefuls out there, sorry to burst your bubbles. Rebecca Romney is no longer on the market. Moreover, that is since 2016, when she tied the knot with the love of her life. In case you are wondering who is the lucky guy is, it is J. P. Romney.

Pawn Stars Rebecca Romney’s husband, J.P. Romney, works as an Adult Novelist author and a Historian. J.P is known for writing the novel, “The Monster on the Road is Me.” This is a couple which you can confidently say was a match made in heaven.

Image of Rebecca Romney and her husband J.P Romney
Caption: Rebecca Romney and her husband J.P Romney

Due to their love for books and writing, this couple has many things to bond over outside love matters. Rebecca wrote her book, Printer’s Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History, with the help of her hubby.

Apart from that, Rebecca once said that her better half wrote a novel from one of her short stories. We guess a family that writes together stays together.

Interestingly, Rebecca Romney’s husband, J. P., is the brother to Mitt Romney, a famous American politician who was a presidential candidate in 2012. Pawn Stars Rebecca Romney and her husband reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Age and DOB.

Rebecca Romney’s real name; Rebecca Angeline Engeat, in 1985. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, United States. Romney is 35 years of age at the time of writing this article in 2020.

 Rebecca was born into a family that had a knack for science. However, Rebecca chose to pursue arts as a career as it was her passion. We are sure she doesn’t regret her choice when she looks in hindsight.

Rebecca Romney’s Net Worth is $1 Million.

Her wealth is mainly sourced from her career as a rare book expert. Pawn Stars Rebecca has also made some money from her participation in the Pawn Stars series as a recurring expert.

She has also earned income from her book’s sales. Her book’s name is Printer’s Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History. Rebecca’s writing has been featured in various book review posts such as the Washington Post, The New York Times Book Review, and even Forbes.

Image of Rare books expert, Rebecca Romney
Caption: Rare books expert, Rebecca Romney

The book can be purchased on Amazon or also in local book stores or read in public libraries. As a co-founder of a rare book dealership and gallery named Type Punch Matrix, Rebecca gets her other stream of income.

Rebecca Romney is estimated to be worth about $1 Million.

Rebecca Romney’s Wikipedia Info.

There’s something to be said about handling an artifact. Be it a rare piece of jewelry, furniture piece, or in this case, a book. A book artifact is not just valuable simply because it is a survivor from a past era, but because it reveals information and knowledge about a specific period.

The book can capture the thoughts and ideas of the author from that period, as well as to give a glimpse of the thriving culture then. If you think about it, it is somewhat of a time machine or a vessel where ideas, knowledge, and culture from the past have been immortalized and transported to the present.

All of these intriguing facts makes rare book collecting and preserving a fantastic and awe-inspiring profession. Rebecca Romney is one who is lucky enough to call this her career. Perhaps, ‘lucky’ isn’t even the best word to describe it. This is mostly in part because it takes a lot of research and passion for becoming like Rebecca.

Rebecca Romney has, without a doubt, proved that she is not just a pretty face. So amazing are her skills, which she has carved out a niche for herself as the most recurring expert on the show, Pawn Stars. Rebecca first appeared in History Channel’s Pawn Stars in 2011 when it was in its fourth season. Since then, she has become indispensable to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas.

Image of Author, Rebecca Romney
Caption: Author, Rebecca Romney

From the show, watching Rebecca appraise and evaluate rare books is like watching Picasso explain the details of a painting of his. Even if you don’t love books, Rebecca will not fail to leave you inspired to read and collect rare books. She is a walking human encyclopedia of facts and knowledge about unique texts.

Rebecca Romney worked as an English Teacher.

Rebecca began her career journey by attending college to pursue a degree in linguistics, double majoring in classical studies, and with a minor in philosophy. After her studies, she became an English teacher in Japan.

After her short teaching stint, Rebecca returned to the States in 2007 and joined the company, Bauman Rare Books, as a manager. The company is located in Las Vegas, United States. She was then promoted in 2014 to Senior Projects Director, Manager. Rebecca then left the company in 2016 to join Honey & Wax as a bookseller and principal.

She worked there until 2019, after which she started her own company with a partner. The company’s name is Type Punch Matrix, and it is based in Washington, D.C. The shop also boasts a rare book gallery. Additionally, Rebecca also ran a podcast from April 2016 to August 2017. The podcast was named Biblioclast Podcast, and as its name suggests, it was targeted to a bibliophile.

Rebecca Romney is a Regular Blogger.

Rebecca also has a blog named ‘Aldine,’ where she has posted her career profile as well as recommending good reads. The blog’s web address is Romney also uses the website to circulate her newsletter named ‘Book Curious,’ upon subscription via one’s email. Aside from her blog, Rebecca also writes for the blog of Bauman’s Rare Books.

She Once Made a Mistake in Book Appraisal.

As aforementioned, Rebecca Romney also makes expert appearances on the show Pawn Stars. Her knowledge of classical works and rare books has helped the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to appraise many books and determine their real value. Interestingly even the experts make mistakes. Rebecca once misidentified the edition of a text of Crusade in Europe. She had thought that it was a first edition copy, while in actual sense, it wasn’t.

She is Proficient in Many Languages.

Rebecca also speaks five languages, namely Latin, Japanese, French, Ancient Greek, and of course, English. She is also a student of Sherlock Holmes’ work and life, an interest that has created a sub-culture called Sherlockian.

Social Media profiles.

  • Rebecca Romney is very active on Social media. She is on all the major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Instagram handle is @rebecca.romney. She has amassed a following of 78.8K on the site.


  • Rebecca’s Instagram is awash with photos of rare books. Whenever she comes across an engaging text on an extraordinary book, she is fond of taking a picture of it and uploading it on her Instagram page. Some of her most amazing photos of rare books are manuscripts that date back to the early 1700s.

  • Moreover, she has a photo of a book dating back from 1590. Her followers are always kind enough to thank her for posting rare literature works. Not only does her Instagram feature rare books that are hundreds of years old, but also unique texts of the early to late 1900s.


  • In another Instagram post, we can see Rebecca Romney sporting a gorgeous red dress and lovely hairstyle when she attended Rick Harrison’s wedding on 24th July 2013. Her friend, Mark, could be seen color coordinating with her in his redshirt, but as usual, his beard stole the show.


  • In her caption of the photo, Rebecca hilariously referred to Mark as ‘the beard of knowledge.’ However, she rarely posts photos of herself, and when she does, it’s mostly work-related.


  • On Facebook, Rebecca’s page goes by Rebecca Romney. She has a following of 137, 949 followers on the page. Rebecca uses her page for marketing her company, Type Punch Matrix. She also posts many antique book photos as well as rare texts.


  • On Twitter, Romney goes by the handle @rebeccaromney. She has 39.5K followers on the site. Her Twitter posts are primarily career-related, just like her other social media posts in other sites.

Rebecca Romney Body Measurements.

Without a doubt, Rebecca is blessed with a great physique and beauty. Moreover, she has maintained a healthy body throughout her life. Romney is about 5 feet 5 inches in height and weighs about 123 lbs.

Rebecca Romney’s Wikipedia and facts.

Full name Rebecca Romney
Age 35
Date of Birth 1985
Place of Birth Las Vegas, United States
Profession Rare books expert, author, blogger and reality television star
Net worth $800,000
Partner J. P. Romney
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Parents Unnamed
Image of Rebecca Romney Wikipedia Bio: Husband, Age, Net Worth, and 11 other Facts.