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Reno Wilson Net Worth. Wife Coco Fausone and Kids

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When you’re an avid viewer of the American TV sitcom, The Cosby Show – then, you know and are familiar with Reno Wilson. Reno Wilson is an iconic American comedian, actor, and voice actor. He was featured and cast in several projects and has been in the entertainment business for almost 30 years. 

Reno attained stardom in his debut appearance as Howard in The Cosby Show. He is also famous for her portrayals in the Transformers franchise. And several years following his first appearance on the big screen, he’s still among the sought-after actors out there. 

He seldom has a break in his profession; however, that doesn’t prevent him from spending time with his family.

 Today, let’s talk about his one and only wife, Coco Fausone, and their kids in the following review.

Reno Wilson Net Worth

Reno Wilson has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He garnered great wealth through his successful career as an actor, both big and small screen. 

With over 30 years of experience working in the show business, Wilson is currently the initial choice of most showrunners for actors in comedy films and TV series. Aside from acting, he found success doing voice acting. He has lent his voice in various video games, like MadWorld, Final Fantasy XIII, Naruto Shippuden, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

The actor’s outstanding net worth acquires from his other gigs, including endorsements, advertisements, endorsements, and others suchlike.

His Wife, Coco Fausone

Regarding Reno Wilson’s personal life, he is a contentedly married man and has a fortunate family. He is wedded to Coco Fausone on July 6, 1998, in a private marital where only their family and friends were there.

Reno’s wife is a fitness and yoga instructor. She started her career as a background actress for Warner Bros. and became a member of the YAS Fitness Center. She established her own yoga studio, The Cycling Pigeon, in 2017. Considering Coco came into the spotlight solely after their relationship was made known to the public, some information about her personal life is still unknown to the media. 

Reno Wilson looking happy with his wife, Coco Fausone
Reno Wilson and his Wife, Coco Fausone

Though, it appears that Reno met his wife after he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams as an actor. They became friends and started dating for a certain period before the two exchanged their wedding vows. 

The couple is savoring more than 20 years of living together with their two children. Their relationships are getting stronger each year with no signs of two-timing or turmoil. And it’s pretty apparent how Reno loves his wife as the two can be seen usually in many awards’ nights and special occasions.

Reno Wilson Kids

The lovely couple has two kids – a fruit of their happy marriage. They welcomed their first child, Deni Wilson, in 2001. Deni is a member of the UC Santa Barbara volleyball team. Reno and Coco had their second child, Renzo Wilson, in 2006 

Reno Wilson with his wife and children
Reno Wilson with his wife and children

The family of four often post some photos of them on their respective social media accounts. And like every parent, Reno, and his partner, Coco have kept their children away from the media’s attention to have a normal life.

Facts about Reno Wilson Net Worth. Wife Coco Fausone and Kids