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Is Rick Lagina married to Wife?

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Rick is an American adventurer who turned into a reality star and is best known for attempting to solve the Oak Island mystery but later launched his television show The Curse of Oak Island. Before working on his reality show, Rick was just a normal postal worker.

On the 25th of January, 1952, he was born to his father, George Jacob Lagina, and mother, Ann Lagina-Cavalieri, in Kingsford, Michigan, United States.

Rick grew up with his siblings Marty and Matina. His brother was an engineer as well as a wine business owner who later worked with him on his project.

Talking about his net worth, the 69-year-old holds a net worth of approximately $3 million. While he worked for the post office for several years, but his involvement, in reality, shows significantly helped in adding up the numbers.

The adventurer of Oak Island and the star of a hit reality show, The Curse of Oak Island, Rick has been achieving a lot of attention as of late, especially regarding his marital status.

The 69-year-old reality show star has never mentioned his love life which has got the fans truly intrigued.

Photo of Marty Lagina's brother, Rick Lagina.
Rick Lagina

Who is Rick Lagina’s Wife?

Despite gaining massive popularity after completing five seasons of The Curse of Oak Island, Rick does not prefer sharing his personal details with anyone. As it turned out, Rick is an extremely private individual who tries to abstain from releasing personal information to the media.

As a result, there have been no official reports on whether Rick has a wife as of now. Nor is he ever seen in public with a woman. Likewise, there have never been any rumors about Rick having an affair.

It turns out that before Rick achieved such stardom, he was an ordinary postal officer working in New York. No one knew him until he retired at a very old age to pursue his life-long dream of solving the mystery of The Oak Island.

Now, he is often busy shooting for his reality show that he barely gets time to do interviews. Similarly, he does not have any children of his own either.

Moreover, he is not present on any social media platform either which makes it really difficult to take a peek at his personal life.

News also started circulating regarding Rick’s sexuality as some fans claimed this 69-year-old to be gay. Unbothered by such rumors, The Curse of Oak Island star has not responded to clear these allegations.

Photo of The Lagina Brothers
Rick Lagina with his brother, Marty Lagina.
Image of TV personality, Rick Lagina.