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Roger Cook Health Update 2021: Illness

Roger Cook is a certified landscaper and gardener of American Nationality. He is a founder and joint owner of a landscape company ‘K & R Tree.’ Roger is the former president of Landscaper Association in Massachusetts and a serving member of ‘Arborist Association.’ Moreover, Roger is an integral part of the popular PBS home renovation show “This Old House.”

In 1988, Cook joined the TV show as a landscape contractor and spent the better part of 32 years of his life. However, he retired from the show following some health issues. This article brings you detailed information on Roger’s illness and his health update as of 2021.

What happened to Roger Cook of “This Old House”?

Roger is a former lead cast of the award-winning TV show “This Old House” premiering on PBS Network. Roger first appeared on the show in 1982 as an associate contractor from a different private company. However, he became the full-time cast only after 1988.

During his show, Roger filled millions of fans with unique and great gardening and landscaping ideas. He always gave expert advice to his enthusiastic viewers. In 2018, Roger talked about his illness, and he won’t appear as much on the show. There was even news of him collapsing on the sets of “This Old House.”

Regardless of the team trying to cover the incident, it leaked through unanimous sources. However, Roger did not reveal the exact illness he was suffering from.

Roger Cook with his co-actor, Jenn Nawada in Old House
Roger Cook with his co-actor, Jenn Nawada, in Old House

Later on January 7, 2020, after a 32-year career, he announced his retirement from TV. However, Roger is still associated with the show as a part of the editorial board of their magazine.

Roger Cook Illness 2021

Although Roger announced his illness only in 2018, he had been facing issues with his health long before that. It started as a minor limp but later caused him a lot of difficulty walking. Roger also had to skip most of season 40 of “This Old House.” Rumors have that the star is suffering from Spinal Stenosis, causing him to limp heavily. However, the rumor has not been confirmed by Roger and his family. Roger wants to keep this information restricted and wants his fans and followers to respect his privacy.

Following his illness, Roger has completely parted from being part of the TV show. The news devastated his fans, but the decision had to be taken for the sake of his health.

“This Old House” Roger Cook Health Update 2021

The landscape contractor is now living with his two children in Boston. Roger is a private person and has not given any health updates. Moreover, he is not active on any social media handles except Twitter, where he posts images of his work.

However, looking at his Twitter, we can assume Roger is out of danger and has no significant health complications. He is working in his “K & R Tree landscape company,” founded with his beloved wife, Kathleen. We can see his amazing landscape crafts in his Twitter account, Roger Cook.

We shall update and fill you with any information we dig in the future.

Roger Cook and his wife, Kathleen Cook
Roger Cook and his wife, Kathleen Cook

Wife and Kids

Roger shared a marital relationship with his late wife, Kathleen Cook, and has two children. Roger met Kathleen during his time at the University of Maine. The couple dated for some time and married somewhere in the 80s. Married at the age of 31, Kathleen passed away at the age of 56.

Kathleen was a graduate of Sociology from Merrimack College. She was the co-owner and founder of “K&R Tree” and owned an Insurance Company named “Gulde-Cook Insurance.” Kathy supported her husband and children in every step of their life. However, she had another battle to fight apart from taking care of her family. She battled with cancer for a long time in Massachusetts General Hospital and passed away in December 10, 2010.

Roger lives with his two children Jason and Molly, in a city north of Boston. We do not have enough info on his kids. However, we will keep updating our page with any new information our team digs out.

Net Worth and Income

The famous landscape and TV artist Roger has accumulated a whopping amount of money through his successful career and landscaping business. As of 2021, he has an estimated net worth of approximately $11 million.

Age and Birthday

Born in 1955 in the USA, Roger has recently turned 66 years old. He enjoys spending time with animals and nature. Roger grows his food using the horticulture method and always eats healthy. Moreover, he is fond of pop and rock music and an admirer of Beethoven.


A certified landscaper, Roger Cook