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Rosie Rivera Kids, Husband Abel Flores, First Marriage, Net Worth, Age

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Rosie Rivera is a famous personality on Mexican television. However, she is more famously recognized as the younger sister of the renowned singer Jenni Rivera.

In addition, Rosie is known for being a part of the show Rica, Famosa, Latina. It is a Mexican reality television show that features the lives of rich women and their families. Aside from being an actress, Rosie is also an author, evangelist, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Are you excited to know details regarding her husband, Abel Flores, past relationship, kids, net worth, and age? If so, stick with us till the end.

Who is Rosie Rivera?

Rosie Rivera is the youngest of the Rivera children. She had a very tough childhood which almost ruined her life. At eight years old, the young Rosie had to endure sexual abuse from her sister’s husband. He threatened to kill her sister if Rosie told anyone about the sexual abuse she had to take.

Her life became a living hell until she discovered that her niece was also being abused. This knowledge gave her the courage to tell her parents about it and report her abuser to the authorities. Eventually, her brother-in-law was sent to jail for the many years of sexual abuse that Rosie had to endure.

However, her torment did not stop there. Rosie could not get past the years of damage done to her. It reached a point where she attempted to kill herself.

At the age of 25, Rosie decided to get past her abusive past and become an inspiration for others. She wrote the book, My Broken Pieces, which detailed her sexual abuse and how she overcame it. The book became a hit, and she wrote several books after that.

Rosie is also the author of Take Your Power Back and Finding Beauty In The Ashes. In addition, Rosie is also a motivational speaker.

Rosie is also known for being the sister of the famous singer Jenni Rivera who died in a plane crash in 2012. When her sister died, Rosie became the sole executor of her sister’s estate. She is now the manager of Jenni’s fortune and the CEO of Jenni Enterprises. Rosie is also the guardian of her sister’s children.

Rosie Is Married To Husband Abel Flores

Pedro Rivera’s daughter has been married to Abel Flores since 2011. She met him at a Long Beach church where he was a worship song leader. At that time, Rosie was 16, while her husband, Abel was only 26 years old.

Everybody frowned upon the relationship because of the huge age between their ages. They had to wait until Abel reached the legal age before they could get married.

Rosie Rivera smiling with her husband, Abel Flores
Rosie Rivera along with her husband, Abel Flores

Who Is Rosie Rivera’s Husband Abel Flores?

Abel Rivera is a singer, songwriter, and devout Christian. He is a certified chaplain of the church he attends with his wife, Rosie. In addition, Abel is also an entrepreneur. He owns Abelworship, a company that sells religious merchandise.

The husband and wife have encountered a rough patch in their marriage which almost ended in divorce because of Abel’s gambling addiction. Luckily, the couple was able to overcome this obstacle in their marriage. After getting back together, Rosie and her partner, Abel created the podcast show entitled The Power of Us. They aimed to help couples going through a rough patch in their marriage.

Her First Marriage Didn’t Take Place

Rosie Rivera has a daughter from a past relationship, but she never married the father of her child. They were very young at that time. Her ex-boyfriend is a man named Ricky Rodriguez, also known as Chief. Their daughter Kassandra was born on March 17, 2003, and is now 18 years old.

Even if Rosie and Ricky parted ways soon after their daughter was born, they have maintained a healthy relationship. Their daughter Kassandra is very close to her father as well as her other siblings.

Rosie Rivera Has Three Children

Rosie’s first daughter is named Kassandra, born in 2003. Ten years later, Rosie gave birth to Samantha Chay Flores. She was her first daughter with her husband, Abel Flores. The second name of her daughter is in honor of her sister Jenni, whose nickname used to be Chay.

Samantha’s birth is a memorable one for Rosie. It is because she gave birth to her daughter inside the car while they were rushing to the hospital. In 2016, Rosie gave birth to a son named Elías Melek Flores.

Rosie Rivera looking happy with her husband, and children
Rosie Rivera looks happy with her husband, Abel, and children

Kassandra Rivera Is Her Oldest Daughter With Ex-Boyfriend Chief

Kassandra Rivera is the 18-year old daughter of Rosie River with her ex-beau Chief. She is a social media influencer with a quarter of a million followers on Instagram.

Kassandra is a very loving sister to all her siblings from her mother and father’s side. Her social media platforms are littered with pictures and videos of her siblings. The young influencer is also in a relationship, and she proudly posts pictures of her boyfriend.

Kassandra also often posts pictures of her with her dad, proving that she has a strong bond with him.

Rosie Rivera with her elder daughter, Kassandra
Rosie Rivera with her elder daughter, Kassandra Rivera

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

The television personality has a net worth of $14 million for 2022. The massive fortune comes from her earnings as an author and motivational speaker. She has published several books through the years. As a motivational speaker, Rosie earns around $300,000 per year.

Rosie also serves as the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprise, where she obviously earns a huge salary. In addition, she also earns from her television shows that are pretty popular among Mexican audiences.

Age And Birthday

The birthdate of Rosie Rivera is July 3, 1981. She is 40 years old as of January 2022. She is a native of Long Beach, California, where she spent almost her entire life.

Parents And Siblings

The parents of Rosie Rivera are Pedro and Rosa Rivera. Her parents were said to be illegal immigrants back in the day. She has a sister named Jenni, who passed away in 2012.

Her brothers are Lupillo, Pete, Juan, and Gustavo. They all grew up in a very devout Christian household. Pete Rivera, her brother, is the pastor of the church where Rosie met her husband, Abel.

Rosie Rivera Kids, Husband Abel Flores, First Marriage, Net Worth, Age