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Roxy Sternberg Wikipedia: Her Husband, Bio, Age, and Facts

Roxy Sternberg has solidified herself in the TV industry. As the main character for the popular series ‘FBI,’ she is making headways as a rising star. There is a growing interest on the internet regarding the details of Sternberg, as she is not quite active on Social media.

So, what is her relationship status? Her background?And her story? Today, we talk about Roxy Sternberg, her Wikipedia information, and her husband.

Roxy Sternberg Wikipedia Bio

Roxy Sternberg is an English actress. She made her acting debut back in 2012 in ‘Meeting Place’. As a result, she was suddenly in demand and was offered many other roles soon.

Roxy featured in another movie ‘Pini’ in 2012. The following year, she starred in ‘Phoneshop.’ Switching gears to her credentials, we learned that she is a graduate of the University of London. It was after her graduation that she pursued her acting career.

Initially, she made a humble start by auditioning for small TV and sitcom roles. However, as she played amazing characters and justified them, her opportunities only got better.

To date, she has landed some major roles in big hits like ‘Mars,’ ‘Emerald City,’ and ‘Chewing Gum.’ Being a star of the ‘FBI’ where she played the role of the main character Sheryl Burns has to be the highlight of her career.

Actress Roxy Sternberg
Actress known for Mars (2016), Emerald City (2016) and Chewing Gum (2015), Roxy Sternberg

Moreover, Roxy played the character of Sam Peters in ‘The Tunnel,’ Alice in ‘Law and Order,’ and Giff in ‘Badults.’ Just in 8 years, she has landed many significant roles. This proves that Sternberg is brilliant at what she does. We, as viewers, love her commitment to the roles and amazing performances.

Is Roxy Sternberg married to a husband?

Roxy Sternberg isn’t exactly one to talk openly about her personal life on Social media. She has never alluded to being in any kind of relationship. However, her social media posts and rumors hint at a long-term relationship with a guy named ‘Flax.’

According to our reports, the couple has been together since 2016. Currently, Roxy is in the prime of her career, and it might be her priority. As a result, she tends to ignore any questions directed at her regarding marriage and relationships.

How old is Roxy Sternberg? Parents and Ethnicity

Roxy was born in London in April 20, 1989, and is of mixed ethnicity. This stems from the fact that her dad is half Russian- half Polish, and her mom is Ugandan. Going by her date of birth, she is 32-years old.

Furthermore, she is Jewish by religion, and her birth sign is Taurus. As far as siblings go, Roxy has an older sister, who her parents also raised in London.

Roxy Sternberg Net Worth

Throughout her career as an actor, Roxy has worked under many renowned directors and producers. Her popularity and demand grow by the day as she continues to deliver excellent performance.

In addition to building credibility, this also provided Roxy with huge dividends, and she is paid handsomely for each project she takes up.

As of 2021, Roxy Sternberg’s net worth is reported to be $1.5 million. Being in the entertainment industry, her salary isn’t fixed as it depends upon the budget of each role she takes up.

Social Media Activities

Roxy Sternberg isn’t particularly active on Social Media. However, she has a Twitter account with the username @roxysternberg. She has the following base of 657 users as of July 2021.

The majority of her posts are based on her casual activities like going to the cinema or celebrating birthdays. From her Twitter handle, it’s evident that Roxy was really close to her dad.

Furthermore, she is also a follower of OSHO and shares his quotes quite often. Finally, Roxy also shares updates on her ongoing series and movies and makes announcements. There, she shares condolence messages to departed ones and makes occasional mood postings.

Actress Roxy Sternberg