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Russell Simmons II: Wiki, Bio, Siblings, Age, Net Worth

Russell Simmons II, or Russy in short, is the youngest son of Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons — the pioneering rapper of the rap/hip-hop group Run-DMC. He appeared alongside his family in reality series like “Run’s House,” “Run’s House,” and “Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers.”

Know more about his other siblings, age, and net worth in this wiki-type biography.

Russell Simmons II: Wiki, Bio

Like most of the second-generation Simmons children, Russell Simmons II began his career as a child in the MTV reality series “Run’s House,” centered around Run-DMC founding rapper Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons and his family. “Run’s House” ran for six seasons, from October 13, 2005, to July 13, 2009.

Additionally, Russell Simmons II starred in another reality series based around his family: “Rev Runs Around the World.” The travel-based reality series premiered on the Travel Channel on December 2, 2015, and has since discontinued airing after one season.

After “Rev Runs Around the World” was canceled, Russell starred in the cooking reality show “Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers” on the Cooking Channel. It premiered on January 27, 2016, but did not fare any better and was canceled after one season.

Age, Birthdate, and Height

Russell Simmons II was born in Bergen County, New Jersey, on August 30, 1997, to Joseph Simmons and his second wife, Justine Jones. As of this writing, Russell is 24 years old. He is unofficially billed at the height of 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.68 meters).

Russell was named after his uncle — the now-disgraced co-founder of Def Jam Recordings and Joseph Simmons’ older brother — the elder Russell Simmons.

Son of Run-DMC Rapper Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons

Russell Simmons II is the fifth child out of six and the youngest son of Joseph Simmons. Joseph Simmons is a rapper, singer, record producer, and pastor. Joseph was one of the three founding members of the hip-hop/rap collective Run-DMC, alongside Darryl McDaniels and Jason Mizell.

The group is one of the most famous and influential hip-hop groups in history. During their active years from 1983 to 2002, the group released seven studio albums, one live album, six compilation albums, and thirty singles.

Joseph Simmons’ first wife was Valerie Vaughn, whom he married in 1983 and had three children. After they divorced, Joseph married his second wife, Justine Jones, in June 1994. They also had three children, including Russell.

Russell Simmons parents, Justine Jones and Joseph Simmons
Rapper Joseph Simmons and his wife, Justin Jones


Russell has three older half-siblings from his father’s first marriage, an older full-sibling, and a younger adopted sibling.

The oldest of his three half-siblings is Vanessa Simmons (born on August 5, 1983). Vanessa is an actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman. She stars in reality shows like “Run’s House,” “Growing Up Hip Hop,” “Project Runway: Threads,” and “Daddy’s Girls.”

Furthermore, the middle child is Angela Simmons – also a reality TV star, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. She owns a line of women’s footwear, fur clothing, a hair boutique, a skincare brand, a smartphone app, a fitness program, and related merchandise.

Finally, the youngest of Russell’s half-siblings is Joseph “JoJo” Ward Simmons, Jr. JoJo is a record producer and the owner of Who’s House Entertainment.

On the other hand, his older full-sibling is Daniel “Diggy” Dwayne Simmons III. He is an aspiring rapper, actor, model, and businessman. He is most known for portraying Douglas Frederick Edwards in the sitcom “Grown-ish” on Freeform.

His younger sister and the youngest child of Justine and Joseph Simmons, Victoria Anne Simmons, was born on September 26, 2006. She died moments later due to a congenital disability called omphalocele.

To lessen the grief of their lost child, Justine and Joseph adopted a baby girl, Miley Justine Simmons, in late 2007.

Russell Simmons and his sibligs and parents
The pioneering rapper, Russell Simmons with his siblings and parents

Net Worth & Income Sources

According to some online sources, Russell Simmons II has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of September 2021. The 24-year-old is just in the beginning stages of his career. He has expressed a desire to get into acting and rapping like most other members of his family. Like all the second-generation Simmons children, Russell made his on-screen debut in the MTV reality series “Run’s House.”

As he is paving his own path in the entertainment industry, Russell does not have a prolific body of work yet. Nonetheless, being a millionaire at the age of 24 is nothing to scoff at.

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