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Ryan Eldridge Age, Net Worth, Wiki of Ashley Morrill’s Husband.

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Ryan Eldridge is a television personality and DIY expert renowned for building some of the most innovative houses in the country. He is one of the main figureheads over at the Kennebec Cabin Company.

Ryan is particularly adept when it comes to the design aspect of construction. Moreover, reports suggest that Eldridge is also a regular contributor on the podcast, ‘From the Woodshed.’ On the platform, he typically talks about restoration and building in general. Here are a few details about Ashley Morill’s husband, including his net worth and age.

Who is Ashley Morrills Husband Ryan Eldridge?

Ryan Eldridge is a professional carpenter and reality star who is a mainstay on the DIY network. He features on the show titled ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’ The series centers on Eldridge, his wife, and a few other friends as they invest in rustic, discarded cabins they found deep in the woods of Maine.

Ryan and his friends then put in the work and time to turn these sometimes historical sites into liveable habitats once again. In one particular case, Ryan and the rest of the team acquired a cabin that had been left to deteriorate for well over four decades.

They pooled together about $45,000 to renovate the entire place. As of 2021, Ashley Morill’s husband has been in about 85 episodes of Maine Cabin Masters. He first appeared on the show’s pilot episode back in 2016.

Moreover, Ryan is also active on social media platforms like Instagram. Today, he has around 12.6K followers. A dive down his post history details the close relationship he has with his wife Ashley. Additionally, we also learn that Ryan is an animal lover. He has a rescue dog named Charlie.

Net worth and Income source.

Eldridge generates the bulk of his net worth from his work on reality television and carpentry. For each season of the series, it is rumored that Ryan makes approximately $30,000.  Throughout the show’s five-year run, Ryan has been involved in all six seasons. Additionally, Ryan is also part of the Kennebec Cabin Company.

They generate income through a number of ways other than restoration. The company has an online store that sells products such as Dry bags for $25 a pop. As of 2021, Ryan Eldridge’s net worth is reported to be $400,000.

Ashley Morrill and Husband Ryan Eldridge’s Wedding and Marriage.

Ashley and her husband Ryan first met sometime back in mid-2010. It is easy to see why they got together, particularly as they are both interested in construction and renovation. Ryan would eventually pop the question sometime in 2013 after taking Ashley to a Willie Nelson Concert.

This is one of Ashley’s all-time favorite musicians, and as such, it provided the best setting. Ashley and her husband eventually tied the knot in July 2014. Sources say that there were a few friends, and family (Ashley’s brother Chase for instance) at the venue.

Presently, they have been married for over seven years. In an interview with Dan Patrick, Ryan revealed that he was first attracted to his wife’s unique sense of humor.

He went on to add how lucky he was to have Ashley in his life. Back in 2016, Ryan joked that one of the perks of being married to Ashley was that he now had a pass into the Sugarloaf Ski Resort. Despite being together for about a decade, Ashley and her husband do not have any children together.

They are much more content to focus on their work and company. A look into Ryan’s Instagram page also reveals that they enjoy spending time with their nieces and nephews, which, at the very least, tells us that they like children.

Age and Wiki.

Ryan Eldridge was born on November 7th, 1974, which makes him 46-years old as we write. Looking at his zodiac sign, you’ll see that Ryan is a Scorpio. It also makes him about the same age as his wife, Ashley.