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Sara Tomko Wikipedia: Age, Husband, Movies & TV shows.

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Recently, in January 2021, SyFy released its American science-fiction mystery comedy television series named Resident Alien and one of the main cast of the show is Sara Tomko. Here is Sara Tomko’s Wikipedia-type biography, including her age and husband.

So far, the fans, as well as critics, have nothing but positive comments for this tv show. Though a little unusual show for local cable, SyFy’s Resident Alien proved to be a hit show with the highest ratings.

Among many of the hard-working crews of the series, Sara Tomko is one of the names that is boosting the show’s glow.

Sara, who portrays the character of Asta Twelvetrees, is one of the beloved actresses of Resident Alien and came to prominence ever since. She is one of the leading cast members of the show who works closely with Alan Tudyk.

Before landing a role in such a hit show, Sara tried her fair share of luck in other movies as an actress and producer, but she gained minimal success.

Nonetheless, her sheer determination and passion for performing in front of the camera have made her a successful individual.

Sara Tomko Wikipedia.

Sara Tomko was born in America. However, she carries mixed ethnicity of Polish, Slovak & Native Heritage. Though there is not much information about her actual parents, we know that she is very close to her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother’s death made her realize that life was too short.

Nevertheless, Sara grew up with two siblings. Both of them are brothers. Her older brother is Benny and Jake is her younger brother. Not much is known about her youngest sibling, but Benny is a singer, writer, and THC advocate. Sara Tomko Wikipedia page does not exist.

Age and DOB.

As of 2021, Sara is 37 years old. She was born on October 19, 1983. The 37-year-old has a decent height of 1.65 cm.

Sara Tomko is Not Married: Engaged to Her Boyfriend Turned fiance TJ Pederson.

At 37 years of age, Sara has not married anyone. However, she is engaged to her boyfriend, TJ Pederson. The duo met each other for the first time while working on a project in 2015.

TJ Pederson is a filmmaker and an actor, just like his soon-to-be wife. He has edited and played in movies like My Father’s Brownies and 30 Second Exorcism.

The two became close friends after working together in a movie. Though they were close, Sara and TJ had not officiated their relationship.

But it was after the death of Sara Tomko’s grandmother in November, she was quick to express her true feelings for him as she thought that life is too short and there may not be a tomorrow. Fortunately, TJ had similar feelings for Sara.

Hence, Sara and TJ decided to get engaged in 2021, and in the same week, the US elected its new president.

So, it was a big week for Sara. Nonetheless, according to Sara Tomko Wikipedia, the lovebirds got engaged under a full moon by the ocean. Currently, Sara Tomko and her husband-t0-be are planning their wedding. However, due to the ongoing situation of Covid19, Sara had to halt the plans.

Nevertheless, Sara is very happy with her fiancé, whom she considers to be her greatest influence. The pair do not have any children together.

Image of famous actress, Sara Tomko with her fiancee, TJ Pederson
A famous and renowned actress, Sara Tomko, with her fiancee, TJ Pederson


Sara Tomko was determined to make out big time in the film industry. Hence, she planned her academics in a way that will help her reach her goal. According to Sara Tomko’s Wikipedia, Sara attended James Madison University in Virginia from 2001 to 2005 and graduated with a BA in Theatre and Dance.

Upon completion of her studies, she obtained a theatre scholarship, the Steven Snyder Memorial Award, for her creative achievement in experimental theatre.

In subsequent years, Sara was an active member of Shadowbox Live in Columbus, Ohio, where she studied Sketch Comedy and Cabaret. Finally, she attended Los Angeles’ Playhouse West acting school and completed her education in 2014.

Sara Tomko Movies.

With reference to Sara Tomko Wikipedia, In 2008, she got her first role in a movie, Scott Wheeler’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Following that, Sara appeared in plenty of short films such as Touching the Sky, Weight of the Sun, 2013’s Painted Perfect, and Not Funny. Likewise, in 2012, Sara played the supporting role of Minnie on Nir Paniry’s Extracted.


Sara made her debut as a producer in 2011. Her first produced movie was a short film, Running on Empty. Likewise, she has also produced a short film called Girls! Girls! Girls! Or: As Tammy Withers Away alongside her fiancé in 2018.

TV Series.

After getting minimal success in Hollywood, Sara began appearing in television series. She played the role of the Cave Woman in the second season of The Leftovers in 2015.

She seemed to find success in this one as Sara’s performance was praised by the critics. Also, one of her scenes was deemed as a stunning and wordless opening. The same year, Sara also made an appearance in Matt Osterman’s 400 Days.

In the following years, Sara made guest appearances on NBC’s Heartbeat, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and Amazon Original’s Sneaky Pete before shining in SyFy Series entitled Resident Alien.


Sara Tomko is also an active theater actress in Los Angeles. Formerly, she was cast on Lola’s Catering, Yerma, and Tree of Life: Frida Kahlo.

Image of renowned actress and producer, Sara Tomko