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Sarah Ward (Tom Hardy’s Ex-Wife): Facts You Should Know

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“I love you.”

Composed of just three words yet backed with such deep meaning. Hearing these words from someone you are deeply affectionate with can turn your monotonous life into a vibrant one. But like any other concept in life, love, too, comes with various complexities.

Getting into a relationship is easy. Staying in one, however, is where all the work happens. Being in a relationship needs equal effort. But if one party starts to untie the knot, sooner or later, the relationship will be gone forever. This kind of situation is not far from the experience of Sarah Ward. She, too, experienced an almost happy ending. But that’s just it – almost.

At this point, some of you might be wondering who she is. The truth behind the woman of the hour will be revealed as you continue scrolling this post. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your reading.

Sarah’s Relationship with Tom Hardy

Every woman dreams of a fairytale-like love story with a happy ending. Sarah is no different; she also aspired to have one. Seeing herself walking down the aisle with the love of her life waiting on the altar – you know, all those scenes we see in romantic movies. Luckily for her, this dream came into reality. She met her knight in shining armor, Edward Thomas Hardy. Just three weeks into their relationship, they both decided to tie their knot in 1999. Hey, if you’ve already found the one, why wait any longer, right?

During their special ceremony, they invited some of their close friends, relatives, and their families. Everything seemed so perfect, just like the one in the movies. As the wife of well-known English actor and producer Tom Hardy, their love story was inevitably subjected to many talks. It wasn’t until 2004 when they slowly found out their married life was not falling accordingly anymore.

Sarah Ward's Ex-husband Tom Hardy
A famous Producer, Tom Hardy

The love story that she once dreamed of turned out to be a nightmare. Five years of marriage are tainted with various complications, leading her to file a divorce. The renowned American producer boldly faces the issue. Some reported that the reason behind their broken marriage was the drug addiction of his husband, Tom. Meanwhile, further details of their separation are still under wraps from the public’s eye.

Sarah Ward Bio

A 44-year-old Sarah Ward has enjoyed her life outside the lenses of the cameras. Despite keeping her privacy, some information is still out in public. According to some legit sources, this TV personality has already enmeshed herself as an American producer and personality in the entertainment industry.

Tom Hardys ex-wife Sarah Ward
Tom Hardy’s ex-wife, Sarah Ward

Tom Hardy’s ex-wife was born in the year 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Her fame grew when she married a famous and well-known celebrity, Tom Hardy. When their marriage wasn’t going the way they planned, she left without anyone knowing. The divorce between these two famed personalities surprisingly did not reach the paparazzis’ radar. After that, her presence is no longer seen anywhere in the limelight. Up until the present, her life has been kept private.

Early Life – Before fame

The serenity of early life always seems ideal. The same goes with the life story of Sarah Ward. Before her name became the talk of the town in the industry, the renowned personality was enjoying her private and peaceful life. Unlike any other famous actor in the field, Sarah was never associated with any publicity nor being the center of attraction pre-fame.

With this being said, information about her immediate family members, exact birthdate, childhood, educational background is unknown to the public. However, there are some specs of information about her that are pooling around the public. Knowing only a few parts of her life, one can say that not all famous personalities are an open book to the public’s eye. Indeed, there’s nothing more peaceful than being away from the noise of society.

Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy Children

Her five-year marriage with former husband famous actor Tom Hardy did not produce a child. This being said, they don’t have any parental responsibility. However, Tom Hardy has children from his past relationship with Rachel Speed.

Tom Hardy and his wife, Rachel Speed
Tom Hardy and his wife, Rachel Speed

Despite this fact, Sarah, as like any other woman, still deserves the best of everything. She may have missed the chance of becoming a mother in her previous relationship, but sure enough, she is living the life she wanted for herself – which the public may not know.

Age and DOB

As of this year, the renowned star Sarah Ward is already blissfully living her 44th year of existence. However, the exact date of her birthday came to no avail as no such information is publicly obtainable.

Net worth and Income

As mentioned, Sarah keeps her private life out of the limelight. But some sources say that this TV personality has a successful career as a producer. If she validates this information, she earns a wholesome amount of money.

However, according to legit references, a producer gains an average income of an estimated $64,370. Possibly, Sarah earns a comparable amount as well. These are mere assumptions as no one has any idea of her net worth since she decided to walk out from the spotlight.

Tom Hardys ex-wife Sarah Ward Facts