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Sheena Melwani Husband Dinesh. Age, Wikipedia-Biography

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Sheena Melwani is a Tiktok personality and a talented singer. For the last 13 years, she has been doing amazing covers of famous songs that she posts on her social media accounts.

However, her real fame arrived when she started making funny videos on Tiktok with her husband.  She does all kinds of stuff, from Pranks, Q&A, Jokes, and other interesting tidbits that can brighten up someone’s mood.

Her husband supports her dearly in every video, with his unmatched sense of humor, beloved by people who follow their day-to-day lives.

This article summarizes the Wikipedia-Biography, age, husband, and other details of the famous Indian-origin social media icon, Sheena Melwani.

This article looks at the life of Social Media Star Sheena Melwani. We dive deep into her Wiki-Bio, and Relationship status. Not to mention details from her life that might pique the interest of many fans. Read this article to know more about her.

How Old is Sheena Melwani?

Image of Sheena Melwani
Sheena Melwani, a social media influencer, singer-songwriter, and more.

The star is 39 years old as of 2022 and was born in 1983 in Canada. Even though she came from an Indian background, her parents were immigrants, and she was raised outside her native country.

Melwani celebrates her birthday 1st of September.

Husband Dinesh Melwani, a.k.a @therealindiandad

Image of Dinesh Melwani
Dinesh Melwani is a content creator along with his wife, Sheena Melwani

Dinesh plays a massive role in his wife’s popularity and success. The duo is entertaining to watch, mainly because of Dinesh’s jokes and sarcasm mixed with his partner’s reaction to them.

He is known to many on Instagram as @therealindiandad, where he currently has 584k followers. If you skim his profile, it’s evident how much he loves his wife.

Even though Dinesh is a constant feature in Sheena’s social media, he never reveals his face and appears as an animated character. Many would think that something is wrong with his face, and he is trying to hide it; however, several photos suggest that he is just as good-looking as his beautiful wife.

The couple compliments each other’s personalities and are perfect partners regarding romance and on the business side of things. Most of Sheena’s posts include her husband.

For instance, the Tiktoker has started posting covers where her husband would humorously interrupt her. This results in an enjoyable video that gathers a better audience than the ones in her actual cover songs.

Talking about his real profession, he is a transactional attorney and is also a public speaker and influencer. He is a supportive husband and a guy with a flawless sense of humor.

As Dinesh’s social media name is quite confusing, many fans confused the star as Sheena’s dad. However, he is her husband and the dad of her children.


Sheena is Indian by ethnicity. She started her career by posting covers on her YouTube channel.

This continued for several years, and she has consistently been putting out content for her fans. However, with the popularity of TikTok, another video-creating platform, her social media presence and popularity spiked like never before.

The singer started posting short videos on Tiktok, many of which went viral. With the help of her husband, the duo collaborated to expand their niche further.

They made funny videos, pranks, reaction videos, and many more. Today, Sheena is an established content creator and makes a luxurious living enough to support herself and her husband.

She is happily married to Dinesh Melwani, who is also a social media icon.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Sheena Melwani
Profession Singer/ TikToker/ Video Creator
Age 39 years
Date of Birth Sept 1, 1983
Husband Dinesh Melwani
Ethnicity Indian
Citizenship American
Instagram Followers 1.7m @sheenamelwani


Image of Sheena Melwani with her kids