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Sherry Holmes Brain Tumor & Health Update, Net Worth, Husband, Kids.

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Sherry Holmes is and former Television personality. What makes her famous, however, is her affiliation with Mike Holmes. He is one of the most trusted general contractors in Canada and the face behind Holmes on Homes.

This is a HGTV show that showcased the work of Sherry and the rest of the crew as they set about fixing and restoring houses. Additionally, Sherry is also a proud mother and wife.

Over the years, she has had to deal with several health issues, including a brain tumor. Here is a health update on her.

Sherry Holmes’ Brain Tumour

When she was still a child, Sherry started exhibiting a few worrying symptoms. These included a bout of nausea and vomiting, nagging headaches, and even blurry vision. Consequently, her parents decided to bring her to a specialist, who in turn recommended a CT scan.

Unfortunately, this was when her doctor learned that she had tumors, and in extension, cancer. Because it put her at risk, the experts suggested brain surgery to remove the cancerous tumors. They told her parents that she wouldn’t survive any longer than five years without surgery as the tumors were malignant.

Sherry Holmes Health Update

Mike and his wife consented to the invasive surgery, and the doctors were then able to remove the tumors successfully. As such, Sherry was able to have a normal childhood. Her father, Mike, was so grateful to the establishment that he parted with a cool $3 million to get them a brand new CT scan.

His generosity went a long way in helping other cancer patients who would also benefit from using the machine. Moreover, the Holmes would also continue to support a variety of medical facilities in their hometown.

During one such event, they even attended an Investing in Care event organized on behalf of Georgetown Hospital. Since the scary diagnosis, Sherry has not had to deal with any major health concerns. She has grown into a healthy woman with a child of her own as well.

Net worth and Income

As far as her career goes, Sherry took her time before venturing into the family’s construction business. Before this, she was accustomed to any odd job she could find to make ends meet during her extensive travels. However, after hurricane Katrina hit the natives of New Orleans hard, Holmes stepped in to help, partnering with her father’s construction crew.

Later on, she’d step in a managerial role before gradually transitioning into television. This came as she started featuring on Holmes on Homes. Back then, reality stars took home anywhere between $10K to $20K depending on their importance to the show.

Besides the aforementioned series, Sherry also starred in spin-offs like Make it Right and Holmes Inspection. Judging from her Instagram page, which has a modest following of 50K fans, Holmes is also able to partner with several stores.

Just recently, for instance, she promoted Improve Canada, a place that supported DIY projects. Collectively, her annual revenue is estimated to lie between $600,000 to $800,000. As of 2021, Sherry Holmes’ net worth is $1 million.

Sherry Holmes with her husband
Sherry Holmes with her husband, Blake Steed

Sherry Holmes Husband and Kids.

Sherry and her spouse, Blake Steed, were very close friends before they started going out in 2013. At the time, Blake worked for Sherry’s father, Mike.

He was considered a vital member of the crew, which would explain how the two got to know each other quickly.  After five years of dating and getting to know each other on a different level, Blake decided to propose.

On the 11th of June 2017, Holmes would even take to social media to display the engagement ring and confirm their imminent wedding. After a 15 month engagement, the happy couple finally decided to walk down the aisle.

They tied the knot in front of friends and family on the 13th of December 2018 in the presence of their extended family. It was widely rumored that Sherry was a few months pregnant during this time. Their daughter, Cali Kay Holmes, was born on the 22nd of April 2019 and is set to turn 2-years old as we type.

Sherry Holmes with her husband and baby girl
Sherry Holmes with her husband, Blake Steed and baby girl
A Philanthropist, Shery Holmes