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Simon Whistler Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia Biography.

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Simon Whistler is a British Youtuber and Podcast host. He has generated a lot of buzz with his educational YouTube channels. Apart from this channel, he is also the man behind TopTenzNet and Today I Found Out.

He travels around the world, creating vlogs and documenting his experiences. Later on, he posts everything on Youtube. Explore more interesting facts about Simon’s biography, including his net worth.

Simon Whistler
Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler’s Biography.

Whistler currently resides in Prague in the Czech Republic. He was born back on May 13th, 1987, in the United Kingdom. Simon first caught the theatre bug when he was still young, throwing himself into the theatre and his school’s drama division. Through hard work and determination, he eventually earned a theatre scholarship from his high school.

Simon’s interest in YouTube dates back to February 3rd, 2010, when he founded TopTenz. As the channel’s name suggests, Whistler typically lists various top 10 subjects, covering both entertaining and educational subtopics. To date, the channel has 1.82 million subscribers.

Moving forward, on Oct 13, 2011, Simon Whistler created his second informational channel, Today I Found Out. This platform has 2.54 million subscribers as of Jan 2021. As such, Today I Found Out is Whistler’s largest channel. His third channel, Biographics, was launched in May 2017. He co-founded this platform alongside Shell Harris.

The channel is designed to describe the biographies of famous people. In 2015, Simon founded another personal YouTube channel, which is named after him and has amassed 20000 subscribers in total.

Other YouTube Channels.

  • Visual Politikis a channel dedicated to discussing various political and economic events.
  • He is the creator of Highlight History, in which interesting historical events are the main topics of discussion.
  • Whistler then added Business Blaze to his list of channels, wherein he provides brands and invention-related updates.
  • One place at a time investigates various locations of interest throughout history and the events that transpired there.
  • Whistler also created Megaprojects to discuss topics that are usually out of the box, summarized as “humanity’s greatest achievements.” These topics range from buildings, aircraft, new machines, mechanisms, and nuclear reactors.
  • Additionally, he also created the channel Sideprojects, where he talks about buildings left without their usage.

Simon Whistler Net Worth.

Whistler rakes in a significant amount of money from the plethora of YouTube Channels he has set up over the years. In addition to this, he also receives lucrative sponsorship deals that help support his channel. Sources estimate that Simon Whistler’s net worth currently sits at $5 million. Most of Simon’s income is from the revenue generated by his youtube channels and blogs that gets millions of page views every month.


Simon Whistler's girlfriend
Simon Whistler’s girlfriend

Whistler has maintained a rather private life throughout the years. He currently lives in Prague and travels to different parts of the world. Because of this, information about his love life is scarcely available to the public.

We should, however, point out that some rumors suggest that he got married to his Girlfriend and now lives with his wife and young daughter in Prague. It is also rumored that he met his girlfriend and future wife in Sri Lanka.

Other Facts.

  • Simon holds a Master’s Degree in Law.
  • He hosted a podcast along with his friend Daven Hiskey called The BrainFood Show.
  • Simonis is often referred to as a Great narrator. This is evident from the amount of success he has gained through his videos.
  • He is fond of Digitalization.
  • Simon makes sure that he only promotes useful products or services.