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Sky from “Black Ink Crew” Age, Net Worth, Children, Boyfriend/Baby Daddy

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Sky is an American actress and a TV personality. She has worked in Black Ink Crew for a long time. It is a tattoo reality show, which revolves around the art and symbolism regarding tattooing. It is a niche show, but Sky got an emotional role in it. Aside from Black Ink Crew, she also appeared in Scared Famous. This is a horror show. She started as a receptionist for a tattoo shop, dealing with daily customers and tattoo enthusiasts by managing the schedules. Her role in the series revolves around her struggle after a failed marriage and two children.

Despite having two sons, she could not afford to care for them and sent them for adoption. Thus, the plot starts with a gloomy tone. But working at Harlem Tattoo, she manages to impress her fans by a large margin.

Today, we will discuss Sky from Black Ink Crew and her age, net worth, children, and relationship details.

Sky From “Black Ink Crew” Real Name, Wiki

Sky is just her shadow name from the reality show that she worked on. Her real name is Jakeita Days. She grew up in Harlem, NYC. Her nationality is American, and she belongs to the African American ethnicity. Although her parents are unknown, we know that she is of Haitian descent.

Growing up, she became a fan of tattoos and ran a parlor as well. In her hometown of Harlem, she got a job as a parlor receptionist. It was nothing special, but she liked the job so at least she wasn’t bored. However, her life changed for good when she got the offer to work for the VH1 show. It revolved around life in the tattoo business and gave a real-life perspective into how things usually go.

Image of American actress and a TV personality, Sky
American actress and a TV personality, Sky

Sky from Black Ink Crew was invited due to her knowledge in the tattoo business. She swiftly joined Black Ink and was a part of the crew from the beginning. However, it took three seasons for her to get in the spotlight. The first and second seasons carved the personality of Sky in the two seasons. This allowed her to lead the show as the main appearance. As the name suggests, Black Ink focuses on the crew of Ceasar, Sky, and Dutchess.

How old is Sky from Black Ink Crew? Age

Sky was born on the 19th of September, 1983, in Harlem, United States. This makes her 38 years of age in 2021. Currently, she is 38 years old.

Sky Days Net Worth

Black Ink Crew cast Sky Days has been successful in accumulating a total net worth of $5 million as of 2021.

Children and Baby Daddy

Sky has two children. However, this wasn’t a happy family moment after a good marriage with her long-loving boyfriend. Firstly, she was the victim of child pregnancy with two sons that she could not bear. Secondly, she was not at a good level of physical development to bear a child.

Adding to the flare was her relationship with the boyfriend. It wasn’t looking good. But Genesis was born at such time. She cared for her first son the best that she could. Despite knowing how hard raising one son was, Sky managed to get pregnant yet again.

This time, she named her son Dessalines. After the second son was born, the 16 years old mother could not live up to the expectations. Case being, they were sent for adoption.

Sky with her two sons
Sky with her two sons, Genesis and Dessalines

There sure were a lot of options after her first son, like taking anti-pregnancy measures or leaving the relationship. But she chooses not to do those. Eventually, she had to give up on both sons. After Sky got famous, some guy came up, proclaiming to be Sky’s baby daddy. It was in 2017.

However, Sky had enough of the relationship at this point. She declined that he was the father and never even met with him. Also, she announced that she did not want to meet with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her children.

Almost a decade later, after sending her two children for adoption, she wished to meet them. She was not in touch with them for a long time, so their fans gave her a bit of hate towards her actions. Despite this, Sky continued the search and eventually found her long-lost children.


Sky’s relationship with her first boyfriend ended up in a disaster. This left her traumatized with two sons at the age of 16. It seems like she has grown past the past trauma. The first time her fans saw her with 600 Breezy was in 2019.

Sky with her current boyfriend, 600 Breezy
Sky with her current boyfriend, 600 Breezy

Breezy is a rapper from Chicago. They went to the BET Hip Hop Awards ceremony together and later shared images. She often uploads pictures and events together with Brezzy in her Instagram profile. Both of her sons are very supportive of this relationship between Sky and Breezy. We have not heard any news of Sky getting married to a husband or her break up with Breezy.

Sky from Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Children, Boyfriend