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Stephanie Izard Restaurants, Husband, Weight Loss.

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Stephanie Izard is a decorated American chef who has received outstanding achievements throughout her career. This recipient of the James Beard “Best Chef: Great Lakes” award came from Chicago and was born in 1976. She completed her culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu.

Fans across the world may recognize Stephanie as the winner of Top Chef, season 4. However, Izard is not just a culinary expert. She is the owner of five top-notch restaurants in Chicago.

Stephanie Izard Restaurants.

After receiving numerous accolades from her career in culinary, Stephanie Izard is on the hunt for achieving more from her restaurants. Just like Izard’s cooking skills, her restaurant is loved by the thousands.

Most of Izard’s restaurants are located in Chicago. This brilliant and talented chef, Izard is the executive partner of four restaurants. They are Girl & the Goat, Duck Duck Goat, Little Goat, and Cabra. She added “Goat” in the name of her restaurants because her name, Izard, means the Pyrenees’ Mountain goat.

Likewise, Izard launched her new restaurant named Leftover Goat, also in Chicago.

Besides restaurants, Izard has a small sweetshop that goes by the name Sugargoat.

Net Worth.

The American chef, Izard’s years of hard work in the culinary industry have given her a net worth of $3 million as of 2021. Initially, Izard began as a chef working in various restaurants. Reports show that a chef earns an average salary of $58,433 in Chicago.

Likewise, Izard’s tv appearances have helped her earn hefty salaries as well.

However, what helped Izard to be worth millions is her critically acclaimed restaurants. Being an executive chef and owning restaurants have doubled Izard’s bank balance in the past ten years.

The good-looking chef, Izard is also the author of two cookbooks worth $14.39 and $18.99. So far, more than 50 copies have been sold out.

Stephanie Izard Husband.

The Top Chef season four winner, Izard is married to Gary Valentine. Izard’s popularity introduced Gary to the world. We know that Gary has a profound knowledge of beers; from manufacturing to production and distribution. This graduate of Siebel Institute of Technology is a licensed beer consultant and has represented many alcohol brands in various events.

Image of successful top chef, Stephanie Izard and husband
The Top Chef Season 4 winner, Stephanie Izard with her husband, Gary Valentine

How Did They Meet?

Stephanie Izard fell in love with this beverage expert back in 2010. Valentine and Lizard met at a barbeque restaurant where Valentine was working as a consultant. Becoming friends and going out together was the onset of their relationship. Just two years later, Valentine proposed Izard in front of the Buckingham Fountain.

Eventually, Izard and Valentine decided to tie the knot on October 6, 2013. Their wedding ceremony was nothing short of impressive. Two hundred people attended the ceremony.

Likewise, it was an event organized by the bride and groom’s familiar friend at the Bridgeport Art Center. They made sure to make only the best feast for this occasion.


So far, Izard and Gary share only one child in their seven-year marriage. Stephanie Izard and Gary Valentine became parents when they gave birth to their son, Ernie William Valentine. Ernie Valentine is five years old as his birthdate is on May 26, 2016.

Image of successful top chef, Stephanie Izard and family
Top American chef, Stephanie Izard with her husband, Gary Valentine, and their child

Weight Loss.

Those that have been following Izard for a long time may know that Izard used to be overweight. During her time at the fourth season of Top Chef, Izard was seemingly chubby. However, as of now, Izard has put on extra effort into cutting off those fats.

Stephanie Izard revealed that her secret to losing weight was frequent traveling. As weird as it may sound, but moving places to places is an excellent form of exercise rather than sitting on a couch watching movies. Likewise, Izard follows her diet plan and eating food techniques, including taking small bites out of foods rather than swallowing a big chunk.

Image of successful top chef, Stephanie Izard