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Tamara Day Wikipedia: Age, Husband, Net Worth       

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Tamara Day is a female entrepreneur who specializes in the ‘laid back luxe’ style of decoration. Also active on social media, she runs the website There she posts about herself and her upcoming services. Check this Tamra Day’s Wikipedia-type bio including her net worth and husband Bill Day.

The cheerful host and designer at HGTV’s Bargain Mansions has made a very successful career out of her passion for design and revamping things. Three well-received seasons into Bargain Mansions and 28 remodeled houses later, she is still enthusiastic as ever – to start working on breathing new life to long-standing homes.

Today, she has become a household name thanks to her show. And hundreds of homeowners seek her advice- both online and in-person; to make aesthetic decisions in tasteful modeling as well as renovations to already existing homes.

This article provides insights into the beautiful Tamara, her husband, her net worth, and her children.

Tamara Day is Married to Husband Bill Day.

Bill and Tamara have been married since the 2000s. That’s 20+ years of romance together!

They first met in 1998 when they set up a booth on New Year’s Eve at Bartle Hall in Kansas City. Bill provided financial planning assistance to his customers, and Tamara sold T-shirts and Credit cards.

Tamara wrote on her blog that Bill pronounced her name as ‘Tomorrow.’ One thing led to another, and they were a couple after six months and have been inseparable since then.

The two have a loving and inspiring dynamic, and it’s commendable how they have managed to push each other through tough times.

Bill, who has recently turned 51, seems very happy for his wife’s success in her venture. In addition to sharing similar hobbies, it’s surprising to know that the two met when they were managing booths at Bartle Hall Convention center in 1998. They have, since- had many adventures, and having four lovely children is one of them.

Tamara Day Husband Bill Day Wikipedia.

While known as the proud husband of Tamara Day, it seems that not many among the audience know that he is capable of running Bargain Mansion just as well as his lovely partner.

Bill has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Missouri and has worked in investment banking companies around Kansas City.

He is also the co-owner at Integrated Wealth Advisory Service Inc. and guides mostly medical personnel in figuring out ways to invest intelligently.

Bill also helps them create reliable retirement plans. While most of his services do seem to focus on people engaged in the medical profession- as mentioned on his website, he also helps non-medical people with money management.

Tamar’s husband Bill Day has led many firms to success- both as an investment banker and as co-owner of various Companies, so it’s only fair to assume that he is pretty good at what he does.

He doesn’t get much credit for his wife’s success, but we are sure that he has had a prominent role in helping Tamara through the hard times.

Bill is very supportive of Tamara, and she is proud to say that on TV as well. As the daddy of four children, he has also been there for the children every time they needed him.


Together with husband Bill Day, Bargain Mansions Tamara Day has four lovely children- three sons: Henry, Bobby, Thomas, and a beautiful daughter Eleanor ‘Nora’.

Image of a female entrepreneur, Tamara Day and her family
A renowned female entrepreneur, Tamara Day with his husband, Bill Day and kids, Henry, Bobby, Thomas, and a beautiful daughter Eleanor ‘Nora’

They regularly appear on the show Bargain Mansion with their beloved father and seem to be very proud of their family. On the show, they are a favorite of their grandpa- Ward Schraeder.

Their oldest son Henry was born 2004 in January. In her blog, she writes about how special her firstborn is to her. He is a great example to his younger siblings.

Bobby, their second child, was born in March 2006. The couple decided to name the child Bobby just for the plethora of nicknames that could be used on the name. People like to call him Bobby day instead of just Bobby.

Tommy is the couple’s youngest son. He was born in November of 2008. According to Tamara, Tommy is the kindest and compassionate of the bunch. She thinks it is because of the wonderful brothers he has.

Tamara Day’s youngest child, and her only daughter, Nora, were born in 2013. Tamara was unknown about her pregnancy until her second Trimester.

Additionally, the couple was informed that the baby was a boy, and they planned to name her Calvin. It was only found later on that the child was actually a girl.

The young ones are vibrant and cheerful. Tamara’s passion for her designing endeavors seems to have seeped into their curious minds as they have also developed an interest in renovations and help with the projects their mommy undertakes.


The fabulous designer was born in August 1976 and has turned 44 this year. She still looks as beautiful in her mid-forties as she looked in her photos from over two decades ago.

Tamara Day Net Worth

Many celebrities live with luxury thanks to their inheritance. But Tamara Day has worked hard, together with her husband, to get to the point where she is today. According to our sources, she has a net worth of over $ 4 million.

The remodeling of any structure is a two-fold process- involving both form and aesthetic. While most designers try to remodel home designs based on the underlying system and, in the process, destroy the value of previously done wood-works and décor, Tamara strives to find the perfect balance between the economy of design and modern elegance.

Bargain Mansions Tamara Day Wikipedia.

Apart from her husband, she is very close with her father, Ward Schraeder- who appears regularly on the show.

His expertise in design and decoration, as Tamara claims quite often, was crucial in inspiring her to take on projects. She regards him as the reason behind her interest in everything design from an early age.

Tamara also has a Degree in Communications, which would’ve been the expertise she would’ve developed had she not been a wizard that turns uncomfortable ramshackle houses into cozy yet luxurious homes perfect for a family to make memories in.

It was indeed a massive undertaking for her when she moved into a home that needed renovating. It was their dream home- sure, but it was a challenging task for a mother of three children (at the time) to make it through the handy work.

Amid a recession, her husband, who was in the finances, didn’t have enough savings to afford hiring workers to turn the place around.

She has blogged about how she would carry a child strapped on her back, keep an eye on the crawling ones, and work on sanding surfaces or hammer and fix stuff for up to 12 hours a day.

It was a struggle and a tough one, but she came through that, and it has undoubtedly paved the way for her to turn her dream into a profitable business that focuses on décor, style, and lifestyle.

She has quite literally picked up a hammer to forge her way into the décor industry. Her journey through hardships and the realization of dreams is undoubtedly an inspiration to women worldwide.

Bargain Mansions Tamara’s works show a tasteful blend of contemporary elegance, and her beautiful designs are a warm gust of wind for old shabby homes.

It’s a mystery how she manages somehow to preserve the history and integrity of the lived-in homes while doing fabulous renovations with her talented team. Maybe that’s how she stands out from a crowd of designers. Tamara Day Wikipedia page does not yet exist.

Image of successful entrepreneur, Tamara Day