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Terry O’Quinn Net Worth, Wife, Biography

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Terry O’Quinn is the professional name of award-winning American actor Terrance Quinn. He hosts TV shows and appears in numerous TV series. Moreover, Terry is the famous John Locke from the TV series ‘Lost.’ Currently, he is working on a Netflix project, ‘Pieces of her.’

Below, we discuss in detail the biography, wife, children, and net worth of Terry O’Quinn.

Terry O’Quinn Biography, Career

Actor Terry O’Quinn was born Terrance Quinn at a hospital in Michigan, the USA, on July 15, 1952. He grew up in Newberry, Michigan, as one of the 11 children of his parents. Terry has not given out his father and mother’s names yet. However, they were of Irish descent.

Regarding education, Terry first attended Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. Later, he got enrolled at the University of Iowa. Terry started acting right from his University days. Not just acting, he also loved writing scripts and has directed several plays and musicals. One of his most famous musicals is ‘Orchestrina,’ which he wrote and directed at Central Michigan University in the 1970s.

Image of Award-winning American actor, Terry O'Quinn
Terry O’Quinn

In 1980, Terry officially debuted in movies with ‘Heaven’s Gate.’ Later he appeared in ‘Silver Bullet,’ ‘Young Guns,’ ‘The Rocketeer’ as Howard Hughes, and in ‘Blind Fury’ alongside actor Rutger Hauer. Moreover, Terry made a major breakthrough in the movie industry with his award-winning performance in the 1980s movie, ‘The Stepfather.’ He was nominated for several awards for his peculiar act as a serial killer. The sequel of the movie, ‘Stepfather II’ also proved to be a significant success.

Since then, Terry O’Quinn has acted in numerous films and television series. His last appearance in films was as Dr. Sumrall in the 2016 movie ‘New Life.’

Terry O’Quinn Wife and Children

Looking into Terry’s marriage, he was married to Lori in 1979. As mentioned in several of his interviews, he met Lori during his horse riding classes for his first movie, ‘Heaven’s Gate.’ Eventually, the pair started seeing each other and married the same year. However, following several controversies and misunderstandings in the relationship, the couple divorced in 2010.

Terry O'Quinn and his wife Lori
Award-winning American actor Terry O’Quinn and his ex-wife, Lori

Lori is an American nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity. She came to the limelight only after marrying Terry O’Quinn. Moreover, Lori has not revealed any of her birth details and family details. She keeps her distance from media, limelight, and social media.

From her marriage with Terry O’Quinn, Lori is a mother of two handsome sons, Oliver O’Quinn and Hunter O’Quinn. Oliver was born in 1984 and Hunter in 1986.

Terry O’Quinn Net Worth and Income Sources

Terry has spent over four decades in the industry working as a film actor, TV personality, and show host. He started in the late 1970s, and coming to 2021, he has achieved several milestones. Terry has several awards and honors in his name, including the prestigious Emmy Award, Saturn Award, and Television Guild Award.

With a successful career, Terry has an enormous amount of money. Thus, in 2021, Terry O’Quinn will be worth a total of $6 million. However, this figure will soon go higher with his thriller series ‘Pieces of her.’ The series will be aired at the end of 2021.

Terry O'Quinn net worth and Biography