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TK Kirkland Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Height.

TK Kirkland is an American comedian, actor, writer, and entrepreneur. Other than that, he also hosts the “TK Kirkland Show,” which is a popular podcast. He is mostly appreciated for comedy specials such as “Are There Any Questions?” and “Who Raised You?” Read this to know TK Kirkland’s net worth and Age.

TK Kirkland Wikipedia

TK Kirkland got bitten by the performance bug when he was quite young, but he only came into his own in his 20s. This was back in the 80s when he started working with the rap group N.W.A. Furthermore, he also appeared in the music video for the group’s 1988 release “Express Yourself.”

Subsequently, he opened for rappers like Eminem, Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne, earning the moniker of “Gangsta of Comedy.” Trevor has not looked back since then, developing into one of the most popular comedians of his generation.

Additionally, Kirkland produced and starred in his 2008 comedy special, “Are There Any Questions?” It was the best-selling comedy DVD on Amazon for a record two weeks. Over a decade later, TK released his second comedy special, “T.K. Kirkland: Who Raised You?” which performed similarly well.

Moreover, Kirkland has appeared on T.V. programs like “Laffapalooza,” “B.E.T.’s Comicview,” and “Laffaholics.” Besides that, he was one of several black comedians featured on the 2011 documentary “Phunny Business: A Black Comedy.”

Kirkland made his acting debut in 1995’s “New Jersey Drive.” Subsequently, he appeared as Rodney in the 1997 crime-drama film “Strays” starring Vin Diesel. Since that time, Kirkland has been in close to ten movies, including “Rising to the Top,” “Baller Blockin’,” “The Champagne Gang,” “Birds of a Feather,” and “Good Brutha Bad Brutha.”

He wouldn’t start hosting his popular podcast until 2017. The show is specifically geared towards individuals looking for advice on love, dating, finances, and lifestyle. TK Kirkland Wikipedia page does not exist.

His Birthday, Height, and Weight

Trevor Kirman Kirkland was born on April 3, 1961, in Jersey City, New Jersey. He is 60 years old at the time of this writing. According to credible sources, Trevor is billed at 5 feet 8 inches (1.78 meters) and reportedly weighs around 75 kg (165 pounds).

Net Worth and House

According to, TK Kirkland has a net worth of $500 thousand. As a man of many talents, TK Kirkland’s wealth comes from several sources.

As a well-traveled comedian, he regularly performs at comedy clubs, festivals, and bars. His primary source of income as a comedian comes from booking fees. A comedian’s booking fee can set you back anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 for one sitting in the U.S.

Besides that, Kirkland makes most of his money from merchandise sales. He has several signature lines of men’s and women’s T-shirts that cost around $20 apiece.

Furthermore, TK Kirkland has also dabbled in acting and has been credited in nearly ten movies. He wrote, produced, and starred in two comedy specials, namely “Are There Any Questions?” and “T.K. Kirkland: Who Raised You?” both of which were best-sellers at the time.

Who is TK Kirkland Wife? Kids and Relationship Status

Despite rumors about him being gay, TK Kirkland has only ever been in hetero relationships. He is currently married to his wife, Tamara Kirkland. They are parents to three children: two girls, Trinty Kirkland and Isis Kirkland, and a boy, Aris Kirkland.

T.K Kirkland with his children
An American comedian, actor, K Kirkland, with his children

Is TK Kirkland Gay?

TK Kirkland has long since endured rumors relating to his sexuality. On more than one occasion, Kirkland has had his sexual orientation questioned, with people speculating that he might be gay.

However, based on his public image, it is doubtful that Kirkland is gay. TK Kirkland is married to his wife, Tamara, and has three children by her.

Nonetheless, it has not stopped people from speculating that he might be a closeted gay man. They think that his homophobic rants could be him lashing out from being closeted.

Interestingly, Kirkland has also pointed the finger at several people, accusing them of being gay. He infamously discussed whether “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Terry Crews could be secretly gay, despite Crews being married to Rebecca King and having five children with her. Terry was quick to shut down the rumors on Twitter by turning TK’s words against him.

T.K Kirkland with his wife, Tamara
The host of the “TK Kirkland Show,” T.K Kirkland, and his wife, Tamara

Bio, Parents, and Early Life

TK Kirkland was born in Jersey City and raised in Compton, California. He is the youngest of two sons born to Ann and James Kirkland. Moreover, his older brother is named Steve Kirkland.

Besides that, not much is known about Trevor’s early life. Some sources report that he attended Mountain Lakes High School in New Jersey and New Jersey State University. At this point in time, Kirkland has not confirmed anything.

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