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Tony Dokoupil Ex-wife. Children. Net Worth.

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Among the leading news reporters, Tony Dokoupil is a journalist who is slowly gaining attention in the media. Tony Dokoupil has come a long way from being born in a messed-up family to climbing the journalism ladder of success.

The current co-host of CBS This Morning is famous for marrying another equally polarizing journalist, Katy Tur, and recently caught the media’s attention, thanks to the birth of their second child.

Tony Dokoupil Ex-Wife.

Tony is happily married to his new wife at the moment. However, his past married life recently came out in the open. Before being in a newly wedded life, Tony Dokoupil was married to a woman whose identity is still a mystery. As a result, there is not much personal information about Dokoupil’s mystery wife.

However, the only thing we know about her is that Tony Dokoupil’s previous wife is a Human Rights activist. Currently, the CBS anchor’s ex-wife permanently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the family. During their short-lived marriage, Tony Dokoupil had two children with his ex-wife. It seems they were a son and daughter. They called his son Tony Jr. Both these children live with their mother in Israel.

Tony mentions, in an interview, that his ex-wife and kids are living in terror because of the Gaza strikes coming from Palestine. Palestine and Israel were at war for quite a time in May 2021, which came to an end recently.

The exact date of Tony’s marriage with his first wife is under wraps. Nonetheless, some sources claim that Tony Dokoupil parted ways with his first bride in 2013 due to unexplained reasons.

Second Wife.

The co-host of CBS This Morning is married to a fellow news reporter, Katy Tur. Tony Dokoupil’s second wife comes from Los Angeles and reports at 2 p.m. on the MSNBC Daily. Besides this, Tur is also one of the best-selling authors whose book, Unbelievable sold over 2k copies.

Image of renowned news anchor and co-host, Tony Dokoupil and wife
A renowned news anchor and co-host, Tony Dokoupil, and his wife, Katy Tur

How Did They Meet?

Tony Dokoupil and his second wife met at the same workplace in 2015. Katy first gazed her eyes upon Tony when he was live on the screen, and Katy was in the makeup room. Despite working in the same place, Katy never saw Tony and did not know he worked here. So she asked the makeup artist, who Tony was only astonished to be told that Tony was everyone’s crush.

Since then, Katy and Tony have exchanged conversations and became good friends. But, not just friends, Tony began dating Katy after some time. After Tony and Katy spent a considerable amount of time shaping their careers, the Dokoupil couple announced their engagement date in 2017.

A few months later, on October 27, 2017, Tony married his wife amid deserts in Utah, a place where there were no phone networks so people could focus all their attention on the wedding.


As of 2021, Tony and Katy Tur are the parents of a son and daughter. The couple named their son Teddy, who is two years old at the moment.

Recently, Tony made headlines after the news circulated on the internet regarding his second child with Katy Tur on May 13, 2021. The daughter is called Eloise Judy Bear.

Image of renowned news anchor and co-host, Tony Dokoupil family
CBS This Morning’s co-host, Tony Dokoupil, with his family

Eloise and Teddy are the stars on their parents’ social media at the moment.

Tony Dokoupil now has four children; two with Katy and two from his previous relationship.

Tony Dokoupil Net Worth

Tony Dokoupil is a prominent news anchor and co-host who gained fame ever since working with CBS This Morning. As of 2021, Tony Dokoupil has a wealth of $4 million. Tony made himself worth in millions by working hard for the right cause, unlike his drug-dealing father.

He began to make money by working for several news firms as a writer, correspondent, anchor, and host. Currently, his salary in CBS This Morning is expected to be around $60k.

Given the fact that he holds a Ph.D. in media studies, his salary should be relatively high. Also, he is the author of his book, The Last Pirate, which costs $12.99 and has sold over 200 copies.

Tony Dokoupil’s parents?

The famous co-host of CBS This Morning has a rough past. Dokoupil was born on December 24, 1980, to a drug-smuggling father whose name is Anthony. His mother, Ann Dokoupil, was a public school teacher.

Image of renowned news anchor and co-host, Tony Dokoupil and father
The famous co-host of CBS This Morning, Tony Dokoupil’s father, Anthony

Tony’s early life was a roller coaster ride. One moment he was living a lavish life. Another moment he was living on a limited budget.


All black money that Tony’s parents owed was gone when his father went to jail for drug smuggling. Hence, parting ways with his father’s path of life, Tony Dokoupil became a news reporter.

Tony Dokoupil is a graduate of Communications and American studies who began his career writing for NBC, The Daily Beast, and Newsweek.

His extraordinary contribution as a writer for these networks helped Tony get the post of a news correspondent. He went from writing to reporting news for MSNBC for a year until CBS endorsed his skills and brought him into their network.

Tony Dokoupil Ex-wife and Children In Trouble?

As mentioned before, Tony Dokoupil’s previous better half is living in Tel Aviv with their children. But as we know that situations are not looking good at all in Israel. This is because of the ongoing war between the Israeli forces and Palestine protesters that has killed thousands of local people.

In dangerous times like this, Tony Dokoupil realized that his ex-wife and children were living in fear. Dokoupil’s previous family had to tolerate the night in an air shelter when the bombing occurred to make matters worse. Tony painfully addressed that his daughter was in tears due to the whole situation. Likewise, his 12-year-old son has to join the Israeli army in the next six years when he reaches 18, according to Israel’s policy.

As if being stressed with work was not enough for the CBS co-host, now he is also sleep deprived as he constantly checks his phone all mid-night to see if there is any update on his previous family.

Image of renowned news anchor and co-host, Tony Dokoupil