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Who is Touker Suleyman Wife? His net worth Revealed.

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Touker Suleyman is a 66 years old British multi-millionaire, fashion retail entrepreneur, investor, and reality TV celebrity. Touker runs a successful business with international footprints and has other ventures, that is enough to make him famous.

However, to add on that, he is also primarily known fas a cast in Dragons’ Den on BBC, an entrepreneurial reality shows that allow promising ideas a chance to kick start their ventures. In this article, we will look into his private life. You will get to know his wife and children and interesting facts about him, including his net worth.

Touker Suleyman’s Wife.

To spill the beans on the word go, Touker is neither married nor engaged to any lady, nor is he dating anyone. As it looks, he had a relationship in the past but has succeeded in keeping it to keep that information out of reach for the public.

He has been spotted with several gorgeous ladies’ insignificant events on the red carpet but has not been linked to them. With all that wealth, he has all it takes to keep any woman of his choice to himself, but it seems like he has not found the most appropriate candidate for that position.

You may ask yourself if he is gay, well, we cannot attest to that, since he has not been linked to any known gay individual so far.

His Two Daughters.

Even though Touker does not have any known legal wife, he happens to have two children. He has two daughters, Tashia and Taya. Tashia is 21 years old, while Taya is 18. The difference in their age may indicate that they are of the same woman, but their mother’s identity is unknown. The three live together in London.

Image of Touker with his daughter Tashia
Caption: Touker with his daughter Tashia

Age and DOB.

Touker was born on 4th August 1953 in Famagusta, Cyprus. He is a descendant of the Turkish Cypriot family, who migrated to the UK. There is no information about his parents or early life, but he attended Packham Manor secondary school. He is currently 66 years old, and his zodiac sign is Leo.

Net Worth.

Touker’s mother company, Low Profile Group, acquired shirt-making company, Hawes and Curtis for one euro in 2001, by 2014, the company had grown past the UK’s borders with branches in Germany and a store to the Gulf. He also owns Ghost fashion and other ventures. With much success in his business line, his net worth is yet to grow much more significant.

Image of TV celebrity, Touker Suleyman net worth
Caption: TV celebrity, Touker Suleyman net worth

Touker Suleyman’s net worth is €200 Million.

Touker has a stately home, which he rents on a short time basis, in 2013, David Beckham resided in that house during his holiday.

On social media, Touker has 18.3K followers on Instagram. He mostly shares motivational quotes on his timeline.

Full name Touker Suleymanis
Age 59 years old.
Date of Birth 4th August 1953
Place of Birth Famagusta, Cyprus
Profession Entrepreneur, TV Celebrity
Net worth €200 Million.
Wife N/A
Kids Tashia and Taya
Nationality British
Ethnicity Turkish Cypriot
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents N/A


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